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Bill Hastings is columnist for Gazette and a former longtime managing editor. His column, Inside Indiana, appears every Friday.


BILL HASTINGS' INSIDE INDIANA: Veterans, Rich, Judy, Janice, etc.
59 weeks ago - - BILL HASTINGS
The Blairsville Community Concert Band will present its 13th annual Veterans Day Concert at 7 p.m. Nov. 11 in the Blairsville High School auditorium. [Read More]
BILL HASTINGS' INSIDE INDIANA: Fireworks, Octoberfest, pitching in ... BILL HASTINGS' INSIDE INDIANA: Fireworks, Octoberfest, pitching in ...
60 weeks ago - - BILL HASTINGS
The ghosts and goblins will be out in force on Halloween, when festivities in the Indiana area include trick-or-treating in the borough and White Township, and a special fireworks event at Mack Park. [Read More]
BILL HASTINGS' INSIDE INDIANA: Homecoming, Downtown, Jimmy, Donatello's, etc.
63 weeks ago - - BILL HASTINGS
Festivities have begun in Indiana, where thousands are expected to attend a variety of activities related to Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s annual homecoming this weekend. [Read More]
BILL HASTINGS' INSIDE INDIANA: Drive-in, county fair, Fisher, 5K ...
68 weeks ago - - BILL HASTINGS
Drive-in movie theaters all over the nation are facing closure as a result of the movie industry’s switch from film to digital screening, including the Palace Gardens Drive-in right here in White Township. [Read More]
BILL HASTINGS' INSIDE INDIANA: Pizza, Grapevine, Corn fest, etc.
70 weeks ago - - BILL HASTINGS
Pizza House in Indiana will showcase its new larger menu, deck and more during an invitation-only soft opening all day on Tuesday. [Read More]
BILL HASTINGS' INSIDE INDIANA: Randy, golf, Brad, Anna, jazz, etc.
71 weeks ago - - BILL HASTINGS
You might spot a familiar face onstage at the First Niagara Pavilion near Pittsburgh when bands including Shinedown, In This Moment and Papa Roach play there on Aug. 20. [Read More]
BILL HASTINGS' INSIDE INDIANA: Folk fest, concerts, Bethany, Trimarchi, etc.
74 weeks ago - - BILL HASTINGS
Organizers are planning the first Northern Appalachian Folk Festival to be held in September in the 500 block of Philadelphia Street. [Read More]
BILL HASTINGS' INSIDE INDIANA: Indiana Tuxedo, kings and queens, reunions, etc.
75 weeks ago - - BILL HASTINGS
After 14 years of witnessing a “revolving circle of growth,” watching boys come in for prom tuxedos and then back years later for their own weddings, Patty Morris is closing her Indiana Tuxedo shop at 1081 Philadelphia St. at the end of the month. [Read More]
INSIDE INDIANA: Wesley, Enzo, antiques, concerts, Frank, etc.
76 weeks ago - - BILL HASTINGS
To whom it may concern — Another holiday has come and gone, ending Thursday night in the traditional fireworks display to cap the annual Indiana Lions Club Fourth of July celebration at Mack Park, where revelers enjoyed a demolition derby, pet parade, vendors and more. [Read More]
BILL HASTINGS' INSIDE INDIANA: Novak, Hodak, Adam, Bob, Jerry ...
78 weeks ago - - BILL HASTINGS
The second Evergreen Award from Evergreen Conservancy was recently awarded to the late John Novak, a “lifetime advocate of the natural world,” according to information from the organization. [Read More]
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