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Bob Lankard, a retired employment specialist at the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry's Indiana Job Center, is a job-search columnist for the Indiana Gazette. Read his columns on Sundays.

Articles by BOB LANKARD

BOB LANKARD: Practice makes perfect
59 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
An interview is doomed to failure for the unprepared job seeker. What can go wrong when you wing it in a job interview? [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: Calling jacks of all trades
63 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
“Jack-of-all-trades” has always been a term of derision, a joke. [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: Old ways to find job leads
65 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
Many job seekers rely on Monster, Career Builder and Hot Jobs for their leads in job openings. In this dependence they may be missing out on opportunities, especially local ones. Mix national search engines with these sources: [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: Choosing a new career
67 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
How do young people and dislocated workers choose a lifetime vocation? Often they make decisions based on what they see in the media — what I call “TV careers.” [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: Moving on from rejection
71 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
Sometimes you just get a feeling in the interview. Everything seemed right. I once was so confident after an interview that as soon as I got home I called a real estate agent in that town to explore possible houses to buy. [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: A bad job interview
75 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
Be on time. Research your employer. Act professionally. These are instructions job seekers hear all the time. But what if the interviewer disobeys all the rules? [Read More]
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