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Commentary: Bye, bye, Phil Everly Commentary: Bye, bye, Phil Everly
41 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
One mark of a good song is that it makes Billboard’s top 10 list. An even greater indicator is its staying power; whether it is remembered decades after it was a hit. Perhaps the highest accolade is whether the artist influences other musicians. [Read More]
Commentary: Ideology vs. reality Commentary: Ideology vs. reality
41 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
French President Francois Hollande has been confronted by the glaring light of reality — sort of. [Read More]
Commentary: The war on poverty at 50 Commentary: The war on poverty at 50
42 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
In his State of the Union address on Jan. 8, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson declared a “war on poverty.” Today, with roughly the same number of people below the poverty level as in 1964 and with many addicted to government “benefits,” robbing them of a work ethic, ... [Read More]
Commentary: A 'Duck Dynasty' checklist Commentary: A 'Duck Dynasty' checklist
43 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
The outrage industry was in high dudgeon just before Christmas over remarks “Duck Dynasty” family patriarch, Phil Robertson, made to GQ magazine about homosexuality. Outrage is the primary ingredient for political fundraising and political power. One must always have an enemy. [Read More]
Commentary: A gift that will keep on giving Commentary: A gift that will keep on giving
43 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
Each year during the period of conspicuous consumption known as Christmas shopping, I try to think of a gift that will not be returned, exchanged or forgotten before next Christmas. [Read More]
Commentary: Big Brother 2013 Commentary: Big Brother 2013
44 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
In his classic novel “1984,” George Orwell warned about the evils of a totalitarian state dominated by a single ruling party with total power over its inhabitants. Oceania, his fictional superstate, is under complete surveillance by the authorities. The character known as “Big Brother” remin [Read More]
Commentary: Culture of death (continued) Commentary: Culture of death (continued)
44 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
During the Christmas season when many celebrate a unique and miraculous birth, what the late Pope John Paul II called “a culture of death” continues its march. [Read More]
Commentary: Income 'inequality' a false promise Commentary: Income 'inequality' a false promise
45 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
In a Dec. 4 speech, President Obama declared income “inequality” to be “the defining challenge of our time.” [Read More]
Commentary: Mandela wove complex legacy Commentary: Mandela wove complex legacy
45 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
When John Lofton of The Washington Times and I were granted an interview with Nelson Mandela inside Pollsmoor Prison near Capetown, South Africa, in August 1985, it was a rare occurrence, personally approved by then-South African President P.W. Botha over the objections of his foreign minister. [Read More]
Commentary: Detroit provides object lesson Commentary: Detroit provides object lesson
46 weeks ago - - CAL THOMAS
Bankruptcy Judge Steven Rhodes has ruled that Detroit may seek to protect itself from its creditors under Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy protection, thus making this once proud city the largest municipality in American history to go bust. [Read More]
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