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Carl Kologie is a columnist for The Indiana Gazette.

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CARL KOLOGIE: Not many attended forum
51 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
It was a venture into the unknown, and after all was said and done, most were in agreement that “we should do it again.” [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Finding friends at the shore
52 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
OCEAN ISLE BEACH, N.C. –— Dennis Smith and I walked into the Purple Onion, a quaint little down-home restaurant in Shallotte, were seated, and someone said, “Hi, guys.” [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Perfect evening for BAH
53 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
It was finally a perfect evening — following the persistent rain and uncomfortably high humidity the past several weeks — and the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce couldn’t have selected a better venue for its Thursday event. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Indiana ACs gather for another reunion CARL KOLOGIE: Indiana ACs gather for another reunion
54 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE, TERI ENCISO
It all started 46 years ago with the first Super Bowl on Jan. 15, 1967, and even though the numbers have dwindled, this annual event continues to be a highlight for those in attendance. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Pirates roll out red carpet
55 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
Nancy Sherry-Helsel and Jerry Gillette, working together as co-chairs for the construction of a Miracle Field, stressed that it is not too late to make a contribution for the field that will be located at a site next to the YMCA of Indiana County. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Field elicits emotions
56 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
It was a sight to behold. You never saw so many smiling faces. [Read More]
Buccos boost Miracle ball field Buccos boost Miracle ball field
56 weeks ago - - RANDY WELLS, CARL KOLOGIE
An informal pickup game of baseball is a summer tradition and a favorite pastime for millions of American kids. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Elinor an elegant lady
57 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
What a classy lady! She always was and still is. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: The way to clear things up
58 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
Holy cataract! What a difference. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Dancing in barn a treat
59 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
When was the last time you went to a barn dance? [Read More]
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