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Carl Kologie is a columnist for The Indiana Gazette.

Articles by CARL KOLOGIE

CARL KOLOGIE: Be sure to vote Tuesday
70 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
It wasn’t that long ago when a conversation this time of year would turn to politics, and the question would come up, “Who are you voting for on Tuesday?” And the answer many times was, “I’m not voting." [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Speaker captivates crowd
71 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
A dynamic, powerful and effective speaker, Robert J. Mazzuca, delivered the keynote address to a most attentive gathering Thursday at the annual Boy Scout William Penn Luncheon. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Quinn loved Elderton
72 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
His lengthy obituary doesn’t begin to tell the whole story about Jack Quinn. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Dr. Mike right guy for the job
73 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
It’s finally official. Although he took charge and has been sitting behind the desk in the executive office at John Sutton Hall for nearly a year, Dr. Michael A. (“just call me Mike”) Driscoll was inaugurated Friday as the 26th president of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Missed George by a hair
74 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
You knew it was bound to happen, again. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Former IUP coaches cash in
78 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
LAKE WALES, Fla. — Was Wednesday really the first day of spring? [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Phil was way off his mark
79 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
All you have to do is step outside and it is obvious that the rodent from Gobbler’s Knob pulled a fast one on us this year. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: PT Plaza a memory
80 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
In case you haven’t noticed, the wrecking crews are tearing down the anchor store in the PT Plaza along Wayne Avenue, across from the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Setlock inducted in 1984
81 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
It was a long, and cold, ride back to Indiana from the sunny South. [Read More]
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