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Eli Nellis is a sports writer for The Indiana Gazette.

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HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Experienced Vikings set lofty goal
61 weeks ago - - ELI NELLIS
APOLLO — For the first time in a while, there’s a buzz around Apollo-Ridge going into the season. [Read More]
HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Zelonka, receivers set for aerial act
61 weeks ago - - ELI NELLIS
APOLLO — The Apollo-Ridge Vikings put together a pretty impressive offense last season, passing for more than 140 yards a game in an offense that averaged 300 yards. [Read More]
HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Colts bank on large senior class, lot of depth
61 weeks ago - - ELI NELLIS
NORTHERN CAMBRIA — In Class A high school football, quality is sometimes better than quantity. Having two or three good athletes could make or break a season. [Read More]
HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Lions regroup under new coach
61 weeks ago - - ELI NELLIS
ARMAGH — In an 0-10 season, not too many players distinguish themselves for guaranteed starting roles the following year. [Read More]
HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Two new players give Lions boost
61 weeks ago - - ELI NELLIS
ARMAGH — One or two players can make a big difference in high school football — especially in Class A ball. That’s the nature of small-school athletics. [Read More]
HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Trojans looking for fresh start
61 weeks ago - - ELI NELLIS
SALTSBURG — The 2012 season was one of high, but unmet, expectations for Saltsburg. [Read More]
HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Veteran coach takes over as coordinator
61 weeks ago - - ELI NELLIS
SALTSBURG — Saltsburg isn’t moving its home games indoors this season, but things will look different this fall when the Trojans have the ball. [Read More]
HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Youthful Red Dragons ready to run
61 weeks ago - - ELI NELLIS
MAHAFFEY— It wasn’t much fun at the time, but the Purchase Line Red Dragons are better for the trial by fire they underwent last season. [Read More]
HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Coach revisits camp tradition
61 weeks ago - - ELI NELLIS
MAHAFFEY — Among Brandon Overdorff’s tasks in building the Purchase Line football program are creating team unity and tradition. [Read More]
ELI NELLIS: High school teams tee off
62 weeks ago - - ELI NELLIS
It’s high school golf season once again, and as usual, the Indiana High School boys’ team has a lot of talent and high expectations. [Read More]
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