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Arkansas Times columnist Gene Lyons is a National Magazine Award winner and co-author of “The Hunting of the President” (St. Martin's Press, 2000). His column is distributed by the Newspaper Enterprise Association. You can email Lyons at

Articles by GENE LYONS

Commentary: Great Benghazi scandal gets sillier
32 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
Here’s how unreal the Great Benghazi Scandal had already grown last year. Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler devoted an entire May 2013 column to the scholastic question of whether President Obama’s calling the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on a U.S. Consulate in Libya an “act of terror” ... [Read More]
Commentary: Crisis doesn't fit media's narrative Commentary: Crisis doesn't fit media's narrative
33 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
First comes the melodrama, next comes the killing. Good vs. evil, suffering innocents vs. swaggering bullies, heroes vs. villains. The “Two Minutes Hate,” Orwell called it — the way of the world since the invention of mass media. [Read More]
Commentary: Bundy standoff a costume drama Commentary: Bundy standoff a costume drama
34 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
One thing about that mangy posse of anti-government crackpots camped out at Cliven Bundy’s place in the Nevada desert: most don’t know a thing about cattle ranching. [Read More]
Commentary: How we devalued the 'R-word' Commentary: How we devalued the 'R-word'
35 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
At the risk of angering somebody like MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, I sometimes used to joke that I only look white. Actually, I’m Irish. Meaning basically that I wasn’t raised to think the man in the big house had all the answers, nor deserved all the power he’d inherited. [Read More]
Commentary: Pity the plutocrats Commentary: Pity the plutocrats
36 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
Pity the poor plutocrats, victims of the envious mob. You can hardly open the Wall Street Journal these days without reading a self-pitying screed by some billionaire hungry for love. [Read More]
Commentary: 7 million reasons not to repeal ACA
37 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
So it turns out that millions of people dealt with the Affordable Care Act enrollment cutoff pretty much the way they habitually deal with the April 15 income tax filing deadline: procrastinating until the last minute to ensure maximum stress and standing in line. [Read More]
Commentary: Behind American oligarchy
38 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
Let’s put it this way: If the Koch Brothers were Russians, we’d call them oligarchs: grasping barbarians exercising crude political power. [Read More]
Commentary: Misrepresenting his Irish roots Commentary: Misrepresenting his Irish roots
39 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
Reflections upon the recent holiday: The first time my wife saw tears in my eyes was in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, at the tomb of Jonathan Swift. [Read More]
Commentary: SAT isn't perfect, but serves purpose Commentary: SAT isn't perfect, but serves purpose
40 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
Helicopter parents, start your engines. They’re revising the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) again, and you know what that means. More weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. [Read More]
Commentary: Hidden meanings of 'Downton' Commentary: Hidden meanings of 'Downton'
41 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
Recently, I had the disconcerting experience of seeing Lady Mary Crawley on a Boeing 747. Costumed as a flight attendant, she was, and looking rather alarmed at the spectacle of that great Irish lout Liam Neeson heroically rampant in the passenger cabin with a pistol. [Read More]
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