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Jeff Knapp is an outdoors writer for The Indiana Gazette. His columns appear Tuesday on the Outdoors page and in the Indiana County Area Sports section on The Indiana Gazette Online.

Articles by JEFF KNAPP

JEFF KNAPP: Erie walleye, perch looking good JEFF KNAPP: Erie walleye, perch looking good
31 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
Lake Erie is a significant fishery for anglers of this area, and its status is an important topic, particularly at this time, as folks contemplate plans for the coming year. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: Commission takes stock of muskies
32 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
Research by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission on Canadohta Lake is aimed at providing insight as to the survival rate of stocked muskies, as well as the effects of regulations changes instituted in 2007. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: Late-season grouse hunting can be enjoyable
35 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
Each season has its attributes for the outdoors person: Spring’s reawakening, ushering in a host of opportunities from trout fishing to gobbler hunting; Warm summer evenings spent on a largemouth bass lake ... [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: Wild bait works well in fall JEFF KNAPP: Wild bait works well in fall
45 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
Indigenous species of minnows trapped from local creeks, found within the same watershed being fished, are forage that gamefish are accustomed to feeding on. [Read More]
OUTDOORS: Knowledge can help lead to success afield
45 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
Preseason scouting is an important factor in hunting. Knowing the current population status of the game you’re pursuing, and perhaps even more importantly that of the food and cover options of the year, often has much to do with your success. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: GPS unit approaches must-have status
51 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
Over the past 20 years I’ve had the opportunity to use several handheld GPS units. During that time I’ve seen them evolve into versatile tools that approach the “must-have” status for serious sportsmen. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: Autumn fishing features big smallies, less pressure JEFF KNAPP: Autumn fishing features big smallies, less pressure
53 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
Late-fall smallmouth bass can be taken with relative consistency well into autumn. On busy lakes like Crawford County’s Conneaut, fall fishing can provide not only a chance at catching oversized smallies, but also a welcome relief from the crowds. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: The path less-traveled JEFF KNAPP: The path less-traveled
54 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
Like most anglers, I enjoy fishing experiences of many varieties. But ones that take place on small-sized streams hold a special quality, especially when it’s the initial visit to such a spot. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: As fall approaches, largemouths reappear JEFF KNAPP: As fall approaches, largemouths reappear
56 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
Tournament angler Deron Eck has experienced success on a variety of waters. But at heart he’s a river rat, having cut his angling teeth on the tough-to-fish industrial rivers of western Pennsylvania. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: Game Commission upgrades Mapping Center
57 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
In my work as an outdoors writer I spend a lot of time visiting websites of various state resource agencies. It’s been my experience that the Pennsylvania Game Commission has one of the best sites in the region. With the addition of its new Mapping Center it has gotten even better. [Read More]
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