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Jeff Knapp is an outdoors writer for The Indiana Gazette. His columns appear Tuesday on the Outdoors page and in the Indiana County Area Sports section on The Indiana Gazette Online.

Articles by JEFF KNAPP

JEFF KNAPP: Game Commission upgrades Mapping Center
65 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
In my work as an outdoors writer I spend a lot of time visiting websites of various state resource agencies. It’s been my experience that the Pennsylvania Game Commission has one of the best sites in the region. With the addition of its new Mapping Center it has gotten even better. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: Buck hunt becomes special occasion
66 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
West Virginia’s Roger Maynard is a skilled, accomplished bowhunter. He lives in Mingo County, one of four bowhunting-only counties in the state. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: To make most of time, keep tow vehicle organized
67 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
For many anglers, towing a boat to the lake or river is a regular part of a day on the water. Keeping your towing vehicle well organized will increase your chances of getting to and from your destination hassle-free and help ensure you have the needed equipment for your outing. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: Bass season begins Saturday JEFF KNAPP: Bass season begins Saturday
72 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
With bass season opening this weekend, many anglers will be focusing on the sport these fine gamefish provide. With the spawning period now complete, bass will be settling into summertime patterns. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: Bluegills are the catch of the day JEFF KNAPP: Bluegills are the catch of the day
73 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
Every fish species has its qualities: the beauty of the trout, as well as the places where one fishes for them; the unrelenting fight of the smallmouth bass, especially when taken from flowing waters; the finicky nature of the walleye; and the muskie’s phantom-like appearance. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: Summer trout not that far away
74 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
With the passing of the Memorial Day weekend, many trout anglers hang up the waders for the year. But there is excellent sport available, particularly for anglers willing to travel a couple hours to the east to fish waters fed by cool limestone springs. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: Going bassin' with flies
75 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
Mid-spring provides one of the best times of the year for shore-bound or wading anglers to enjoy quality largemouth bass fishing. It’s also a great opportunity to catch bass on a fly rod. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: Overlooked streams have lots to offer
76 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
Tom Ference and I hastened to don our waist-high waders. A few yards below us the small stream tumbled through a rocky ravine, seemingly in a rush to merge with a larger creek a mile down the valley, one stocked with adult-sized trout. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: Smallmouth outlook on Erie on upswing
77 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
According to Ohio Division of Wildlife fisheries personnel, the outlook for Lake Erie’s smallmouth bass population is possibly on the upswing, a welcome change. [Read More]
JEFF KNAPP: Salmon Creek has lots of room to roam
79 weeks ago - - JEFF KNAPP
Salmon Creek flowed full, but still quite clear, despite the recent rain. It wasn’t raining this day, though. Instead, the occasional precipitation was in the form of snow, horizontal snow in fact, struggling with a strong wind to reach the ground. It was quite a change from the 80-degree temperat [Read More]
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