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Michele Huey, author of 'God, Me & a Cup of Tea' and host of the website, is an inspirational writer for The Indiana Gazette. Her columns appear Saturdays.

Articles by MICHELE HUEY

MICHELE HUEY's 'GOD, ME & A CUP OF TEA:' The mess the Magi made
36 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
It was an innocent enough question. But what ramifications! Who would have known? [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY'S 'GOD, ME AND A CUP OF TEA:' Build each other up
37 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
Last month I participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY'S 'GOD, ME & A CUP OF TEA': I am the Grinch
38 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
I was a little upset this week when CBS pre-empted my favorite show to air “Rudolph.” [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY'S 'GOD, ME & A CUP OF TEA': Veterans deserve homage
41 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
My cousin Mary Ann’s career as a military nurse was the inspiration for my second novel, “The Heart Remembers.” [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY'S 'GOD, ME & A CUP OF TEA': Detox is good for the soul
42 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
Every day we consume or inhale impurities — from the food we eat, the beverages we drink and the air we breathe. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Two rocks don't make a duck
44 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
When my husband and I visited the Acadia National Park Visitors Center, informational placards lined the uphill walkway from the parking lot to the building. Of course, I had to read them all. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: He hears prayers
45 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
I couldn’t find my hearing aid. And for once, I was about to get out the door on time. But when I reached into the black pouch where I keep the device when I’m not wearing it, it wasn’t there. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Pushing the pause button
47 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
Special-Tea: Matthew 11:28-30; Mark 6:31 [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Venting is the solution
50 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
When we bought our camper, an RV refrigerator didn’t come with it. The sellers had installed a refrigerator that ran only on electricity. Since we planned to do a lot of traveling, we needed one that ran on either electricity or propane gas. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Leaving the dark behind
52 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
After more than a month of doing little writing except for this column, life has settled down somewhat, and this past week I got back to responding to the journal prompts in Debbie Macomber’s “Once Upon a Time: Discovering Our Forever After Story.” [Read More]
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