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Michele Huey, author of 'God, Me & a Cup of Tea' and host of the website, is an inspirational writer for The Indiana Gazette. Her columns appear Saturdays.

Articles by MICHELE HUEY

MICHELE HUEY's 'GOD, ME AND A CUP OF TEA:' At the portal of time
35 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
Once again we stand at the portal of time, 2013 behind us, and, through the door, 2014. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY's 'GOD, ME & A CUP OF TEA:' The best gift of all
36 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
This year my husband and I started our Christmas shopping in September while we were on our 40th anniversary trip. It was his idea, not mine, to look for items in gift shops that would appeal to those on our Christmas gift list. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY's 'GOD, ME & A CUP OF TEA:' The mess the Magi made
37 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
It was an innocent enough question. But what ramifications! Who would have known? [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY'S 'GOD, ME AND A CUP OF TEA:' Build each other up
38 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
Last month I participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY'S 'GOD, ME & A CUP OF TEA': I am the Grinch
39 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
I was a little upset this week when CBS pre-empted my favorite show to air “Rudolph.” [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY'S 'GOD, ME & A CUP OF TEA': Veterans deserve homage
42 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
My cousin Mary Ann’s career as a military nurse was the inspiration for my second novel, “The Heart Remembers.” [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY'S 'GOD, ME & A CUP OF TEA': Detox is good for the soul
43 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
Every day we consume or inhale impurities — from the food we eat, the beverages we drink and the air we breathe. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Two rocks don't make a duck
45 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
When my husband and I visited the Acadia National Park Visitors Center, informational placards lined the uphill walkway from the parking lot to the building. Of course, I had to read them all. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: He hears prayers
46 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
I couldn’t find my hearing aid. And for once, I was about to get out the door on time. But when I reached into the black pouch where I keep the device when I’m not wearing it, it wasn’t there. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Pushing the pause button
48 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
Special-Tea: Matthew 11:28-30; Mark 6:31 [Read More]
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