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Michele Huey, author of 'God, Me & a Cup of Tea' and host of the website, is an inspirational writer for The Indiana Gazette. Her columns appear Saturdays.

Articles by MICHELE HUEY

MICHELE HUEY: Venting is the solution
51 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
When we bought our camper, an RV refrigerator didn’t come with it. The sellers had installed a refrigerator that ran only on electricity. Since we planned to do a lot of traveling, we needed one that ran on either electricity or propane gas. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Leaving the dark behind
53 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
After more than a month of doing little writing except for this column, life has settled down somewhat, and this past week I got back to responding to the journal prompts in Debbie Macomber’s “Once Upon a Time: Discovering Our Forever After Story.” [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Learn to follow signals
54 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
The glitch resolved, the fifth wheel hitch was now installed on our truck. It was time to hook up. And guess who got to back the new truck up to the camper? This city born-and-bred gal who can’t even back up a lawn tractor with a cart. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: What do you treasure?
55 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
In her book “Sisterhood of Saints,” Melanie Rigney writes of Syncletica, a single woman who grew up in a wealthy family during the fourth century. Upon her parents’ deaths, she gave her riches to the poor to focus on serving God. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Handling the hitch glitch
56 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
Hubby and I are shopping for a used fifth wheel camper for our 40th anniversary trip this fall. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Dealing with troubles
57 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
Troubles was the name of the dog that made rounds in our neighborhood every day when I was growing up, “baptizing” my mother’s transplanted pine trees. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Tarry with the 'stuff'
58 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
Life can turn on a dime. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Musing on mentors
59 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
We each have a story planned by God himself, Debbie Macomber writes in her book “Once Upon a Time: Discovering Your Forever After Story.” To help readers discover their own personal stories, she includes a prompt at the end of each chapter. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: What are your artifacts of life?
60 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
I’m reading “Once Upon a Time: Discovering Your Forever After Story” by Debbie Macomber. We each have a story, Debbie writes, planned by God Himself, and to help readers discover their own personal stories, she includes a prompt at the end of each chapter. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Recalling the old lady in black
61 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
To my 6-year-old eyes, she seemed ancient, with her withered, white face and wisps of gray hair escaping her tightly tied babushka. [Read More]
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