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Michele Huey, author of 'God, Me & a Cup of Tea' and host of the website, is an inspirational writer for The Indiana Gazette. Her columns appear Saturdays.

Articles by MICHELE HUEY

MICHELE HUEY: Musing on mentors
62 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
We each have a story planned by God himself, Debbie Macomber writes in her book “Once Upon a Time: Discovering Your Forever After Story.” To help readers discover their own personal stories, she includes a prompt at the end of each chapter. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: What are your artifacts of life?
63 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
I’m reading “Once Upon a Time: Discovering Your Forever After Story” by Debbie Macomber. We each have a story, Debbie writes, planned by God Himself, and to help readers discover their own personal stories, she includes a prompt at the end of each chapter. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Recalling the old lady in black
64 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
To my 6-year-old eyes, she seemed ancient, with her withered, white face and wisps of gray hair escaping her tightly tied babushka. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Stuff can be replaced
65 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
One of my most favorite places in the world is Colorado Springs. So last week when I heard about the wildfire raging in Black Forest, just north of there, I checked the updates online several times a day. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Dad's memory remains
66 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
Dear Daddy, I miss you. Indeed, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. Who would have imagined your little girl to be the age you were when you slipped from this life into the next? [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: June brings splendor
67 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
I have only one word to describe Pennsylvania in June: glorious. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: God watches over all
68 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
I was scanning through the posts on Facebook when I saw a photo of a lost dog. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Recalling camp time
70 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
We did a lot of camping when the kids were young enough to enjoy a week at a campground in the Pennsylvania mountains. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Take me out to the ballgame
71 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
I love baseball! And I often think how guidelines to playing the game translate into wise counsel for living life victoriously. [Read More]
MICHELE HUEY: Mind matters
72 weeks ago - - MICHELE HUEY
I’ve been thinking a lot about my mind lately. Maybe it’s because it’s not as sharp as it used to be. I don’t trust myself to remember anything, so I depend on notes and lists and other written reminders. [Read More]
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