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Paul Krugman writes a column for the New York Times.

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Commentary: Crazy climate economics Commentary: Crazy climate economics
16 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Everywhere you look these days, you see Marxism on the rise. Well, OK, maybe you don’t — but conservatives do. If you so much as mention income inequality, you’ll be denounced as the second coming of Joseph Stalin; ... [Read More]
Commentary: Now that's rich Commentary: Now that's rich
16 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Institutional Investor’s latest “rich list” in its Alpha magazine, its survey of the 25 highest-paid hedge fund managers, is out — and it turns out that these guys make a lot of money. Surprise! [Read More]
Commentary: Inventing a failure Commentary: Inventing a failure
17 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Last week, House Republicans released a deliberately misleading report on the status of health reform, crudely rigging the numbers to sustain the illusion of failure in the face of unexpected success. Are you shocked? [Read More]
Commentary: Why economics failed Commentary: Why economics failed
17 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
On Wednesday, I wrapped up the class I’ve been teaching all semester: “The Great Recession: Causes and Consequences.” (Slides for the lectures are available via my blog.) And while teaching the course was fun, I found myself turning at the end to an agonizing question: ... [Read More]
Commentary: High Plains moochers Commentary: High Plains moochers
18 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
It is, in a way, too bad that Cliven Bundy — the rancher who became a right-wing hero after refusing to pay fees for grazing his animals on federal land, and bringing in armed men to support his defiance — has turned out to be a crude racist. [Read More]
Commentary: Right in panic over Piketty Commentary: Right in panic over Piketty
18 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
“Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” the new book by French economist Thomas Piketty, is a bona fide phenomenon. Other books on economics have been best-sellers, but Piketty’s contribution is serious, discourse-changing scholarship in a way most best-sellers aren’t. [Read More]
Commentary: Sweden turns Japanese
19 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Three years ago Sweden was widely regarded as a role model in how to deal with a global crisis [Read More]
Commentary: Salvation gets cheap Commentary: Salvation gets cheap
19 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which pools the efforts of scientists around the globe, has begun releasing draft chapters from its latest assessment, and, for the most part, the reading is as grim as you might expect. [Read More]
Commentary: Three expensive milliseconds Commentary: Three expensive milliseconds
20 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
We’re giving huge sums to the financial industry while receiving little or nothing in return. [Read More]
Commentary: Health care nightmares Commentary: Health care nightmares
20 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
When it comes to health reform, Republicans suffer from delusions of disaster. They know, just know, that the Affordable Care Act is doomed to utter failure, so failure is what they see, never mind the facts on the ground. [Read More]
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