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Sam Kusic is a staff writer for The Indiana Gazette.

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A SOBERING STORY: Support groups offer lifeline
24 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Having support that comes from someone other than a clinician is important to recovery, according to addiction specialists. Oftentimes, people find that support in Alcoholics Anonymous and its off-shoot, Narcotics Anonymous. [Read More]
White Township officials weigh removal of truck scale
24 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
The White Township supervisors are considering whether to do away with the township’s free-to-use truck scale. [Read More]
WHITE TOWNSHIP: Planners review IUP hotel proposal
24 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s long-delayed Wayne Avenue hotel project may perhaps be moving ahead. [Read More]
IUP sets sights on budget picture IUP sets sights on budget picture
25 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Indiana University of Pennsylvania officials have capped this academic year, put the budget to rest for the next year, and now are looking ahead to the two that follow. [Read More]
A Sobering Story: Education, enforcement both needed
25 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Some might argue that society’s approach to the drug problem should be to lock up the offenders, users and dealers alike. Others, meanwhile, might argue that the approach should be to cease making drug use an offense at all. [Read More]
IUP trustees toughen fines IUP trustees toughen fines
25 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
With the alcohol-fueled rowdiness that occurred during the IUPatty’s Day celebration not far from mind, IUP trustees on Thursday voted to double student fines for running afoul of the university’s conduct code. [Read More]
A SOBERING STORY: Don't put off conversation with addict, specialists say
26 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
Talking to a loved one about his or her addiction is difficult. It requires some compassion when anger may be all that’s left, persistence when failure is all there is to show for it, and tough love when instincts say that it’s wrong to be so harsh. [Read More]
A SOBERING STORY: Preparation is the key to effective intervention
26 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
One way to approach addicts about their drinking and drug use — and steer them into treatment — is through a formal intervention. [Read More]
A SOBERING STORY: After family intervention, daughter begins recovery
26 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
The signs of their daughter’s addiction were there. But Mary (her name has been changed) and her husband simply didn’t realize what they were seeing. [Read More]
A SOBERING STORY: Family, friends must guard against enabling
27 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC
When it comes to addiction, good intentions of friends and family are sometimes bad medicine. [Read More]
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