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Dr. Scott R. Cook D.C., ACRRT, operates Cook Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Indiana.

Articles by SCOTT COOK

DR. SCOTT COOK: Why 'diets' often fail
45 weeks ago - - SCOTT COOK
What causes people to burn so brightly with enthusiasm and motivation and then burn out just as quickly? [Read More]
DR. SCOTT COOK: Body benefits from core training
62 weeks ago - Submitted
Core training is a no-longer-new catchphrase on the fitness landscape. The concept of core fitness, by now, has been promoted by every Pilates center, yoga center and chain fitness clubs around the world. [Read More]
SCOTT COOK: Chiropractic makes mark in sports SCOTT COOK: Chiropractic makes mark in sports
71 weeks ago - Submitted
One thing professional athletes do not have to worry about is health care. Teams want their players healthy; they want to get their money’s worth. [Read More]
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