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Steve Wolfe, the President and CEO of Indiana Regional Medical Center, writes the periodic Seeds of Wellness column in The Indiana Gazette. His columns appear Tuesdays on the Health Page in the paper and in the Community News on The Indiana Gazette Online.

Articles by STEVE WOLFE

STEVE WOLFE'S SEEDS OF WELLNESS: Necessary tests ensure good health
43 weeks ago - - STEVE WOLFE
Every January IRMC encourages you to make a commitment to take better care of yourself. [Read More]
STEVE WOLFE'S 'SEEDS OF WELLNESS:' Good health has many facets
48 weeks ago - - STEVE WOLFE
Our weekly men’s Bible study group has recently finished Chuck Swindoll’s book of the character of Elijah, and we have begun to study “Experiencing God” (revised edition) by Henry Blackaby, both books I would highly recommend to help you on your spiritual journey. [Read More]
STEVE WOLFE'S SEEDS OF WELLNESS: Pink serves as visible reminder STEVE WOLFE'S SEEDS OF WELLNESS: Pink serves as visible reminder
57 weeks ago - - STEVE WOLFE
Think pink. That’s what most of us have been doing this month. It’s almost impossible to find an area of our lives that hasn’t had a dash of pink added to it. [Read More]
STEVE WOLFE/SEEDS OF WELLNESS: Fast promotes healthy eating
71 weeks ago - Submitted
Americans struggle to reach the recommended daily guidelines of six servings of fruits and vegetables. In actuality, there should be eight to 10 servings in their diet. [Read More]
STEVE WOLFE/SEEDS OF WELLNESS: Vascular health is vital
78 weeks ago - Submitted
As our thoughts turn to summer, I believe it would be appropriate to think about some of the health factors that we think more about once the weather gets nice. Specifically, I’m talking about vascular health. [Read More]
STEVE WOLFE'S SEEDS OF WELLNESS: Time for your checkup
83 weeks ago - Submitted
Even though it has taken much longer than most of us would like, spring is finally here. [Read More]
STEVE WOLFE/SEEDS OF WELLNESS: Celebrating a new beginning
87 weeks ago - - STEVE WOLFE
With the arrival of spring comes promise and hope for a better tomorrow. At Indiana Regional Medical Center, that means our commitment to remaining an independent community hospital. [Read More]
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