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Zeke Wilson is an outdoors writer for The Indiana Gazette. His columns appear Tuesday on the Outdoors page and in the Indiana County Area Sports section on The Indiana Gazette Online.

Articles by ZEKE WILSON

ZEKE WILSON: Waterfowl seasons coming
54 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
With the leaves beginning to show the first signs of reds and yellows, many in the outdoors are beginning to gear up. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Archery season in sight, so time to get out the bow
55 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
The other day I finally decided to dig out the bow and arrow for some archery action. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: First seasons on way
56 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Being outdoors lately has had me thinking fondly of August, although the heat is sure to return. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Weather makes it nice
57 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
The weather should allow for anything outdoor related to be more pleasant for what looks like the rest of the week. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Nest is a success
58 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Several weeks ago as I mowed around several tree stumps and remnants of a burn pile I spotted a nest of turkey eggs. Upon this discovery I abandoned the effort, feeling badly about eliminating vegetation so close to the nest. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Hunting licenses on sale
64 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Hunting licenses went on sale Monday, but they will not be needed for any hunting until July 1. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Nesting for success
65 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Although the spring gobbler season is now closed, turkey sign or sightings have almost been daily in my world. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Habitat pay might off
66 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Sunday evening I was pleased to see a hen turkey feeding between rows of young white pines. After the area was cleared of honey suckle two years prior, a mixture of oats and clover was planted along with the pine seedlings. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Deer on the move
67 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
In my travels it has been apparent that the deer movements are on the upswing. Sightings during the morning and evening hours are common, and I have seen several grazing in the shade during midday. A look at any of the area roadways would quickly confirm these movements as many deer have been struck [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Hunting pressure should increase
68 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Now that spring gobbler is open for the entire day, the hunting pressure should begin to pick up. [Read More]
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