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Zeke Wilson is an outdoors writer for The Indiana Gazette. His columns appear Tuesday on the Outdoors page and in the Indiana County Area Sports section on The Indiana Gazette Online.

Articles by ZEKE WILSON

ZEKE WILSON: Turkey hunting slow
69 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Those who suffer from allergies will be quick to agree that spring is in full swing. Struggling to breathe can dampen any outdoor experience, and a sneezing fit while turkey hunting can ruin the hunt. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Hunters seek turkeys
70 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
The opening day of spring gobbler had hunters out in force, with a few even managing to fill their tag. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Time to go after trout
71 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
For those who have the time and the ambition, targeting trout is tough to beat right now. It is almost daily that a stream or lake in our region is receiving a fresh round of hatchery-raised fish. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Opening day a mixed bag
72 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
The amount of lead thrown on Saturday was impressive as trout anglers attempted to find the bottom. Where I was fishing, chances were that if you weren’t using more weight than what most ultra-lite rigs are rated for, you weren’t catching fish. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Trout season only days away
73 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Excitement is high among anglers for the opening day of trout season Saturday. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Spring has sprung
74 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
Monday’s commute revealed evidence at almost every turn that wildlife had spring on the mind. Although driving and watching wildlife are difficult, the increased movements make it tough to miss. [Read More]
ZEKE WILSON: Wildlife continue to struggle
75 weeks ago - - ZEKE WILSON
It is hard to believe, but just a few short days ago I was cursing myself for not having the time to pursue a bold groundhog that was out exploring. Chances are that he is now back in his den, although the forecast for the weekend holds promise of much better weather. [Read More]
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