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Dollars and Sense offers articles, opinions and news related to consumer finances from the Indiana Gazette.

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20 hours ago - - MARY HUNT
I remember my grandmother saying, “If we didn’t need food, we’d all be rich!” [Read More]
20 hours ago -
HARRISBURG (AP) — These Pennsylvania lotteries were drawn Tuesday: [Read More]
2 days ago - - MARY HUNT
You may recall a few months ago I wrote about the new inexpensive laptop computer series that is sweeping the tech world called Chromebooks. I’m still onboard in a big way. [Read More]
2 days ago -
HARRISBURG (AP) — These Pennsylvania lotteries were drawn Monday: [Read More]
3 days ago - - MARY HUNT
Worried about layoffs? You’re not alone. About 6-in-10 Americans worry that they will lose their jobs because of the current state of the economy, according a recent Pew Research poll. [Read More]
3 days ago -
HARRISBURG (AP) — These Pennsylvania lotteries were drawn Sunday: [Read More]
SMART MONEY: This 'loan' looks more like a gift SMART MONEY: This 'loan' looks more like a gift
4 days ago - - BRUCE WILLIAMS
DEAR BRUCE: My brother has fallen on hard times and has asked for a $5,000 loan because he says his house will go into foreclosure. He says he will pay us back, but if history is any indication, he won’t keep his word. [Read More]
CONSUMER REPORTS: Find - and fix - the cause of your fatigue
4 days ago -
National survey results suggest that “utterly exhausted” may be America’s new normal, Consumer Reports notes. In one survey, 37 percent of working adults admitted they’d felt fatigued in the previous two weeks. [Read More]
4 days ago -
The Pennsylvania Lottery numbers for the week of April 6: [Read More]
Man tosses $1.25 million in lottery tickets
4 days ago -
YORK (AP) — A Pennsylvania man mistakenly threw $1.25 million worth of winning lottery tickets in the trash. [Read More]
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