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Funnyman Rogen gets serious Funnyman Rogen gets serious
11 hours ago -
LOS ANGELES — Seth Rogen let out a loud laugh when asked what he had done with Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader who suddenly and inexplicably dropped out of sight about six weeks ago. [Read More]
Bob Seger releases new album, prepares for tour
11 hours ago -
NEW YORK — At 69, Bob Seger says he’s ready to hit the road again: He’s scaled back smoking and bicycles 10 miles a day as part of a workout routine. [Read More]
'Fury' blasts 'Gone Girl' with $23.5M debut
11 hours ago -
LOS ANGELES — The bloody World War II drama “Fury” blew past “Gone Girl” at theaters this weekend. [Read More]
Comedians laud Leno at Kennedy Center
11 hours ago -
WASHINGTON — The joke was on Jay Leno as comedians saluted the former “Tonight Show” host Sunday when he received the nation’s top humor prize. [Read More]
GAME REVIEW: 'Alien: Isolation' delivers sci-fi terror GAME REVIEW: 'Alien: Isolation' delivers sci-fi terror
2 days ago -
Ridley Scott’s “Alien” has inspired dozens of video games since its debut in 1979, but “Alien: Isolation” (Sega, for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, $59.95) is the first in a while that has aspired to the claustrophobic terror of the original film. [Read More]
Author: 'Wytches' gave me shot at 'horror I love' Author: 'Wytches' gave me shot at 'horror I love'
2 days ago -
The earliest promos for the horror series “Wytches,” which debuted Oct. 8, shows a misshapen finger with a monstrous fingernail scratching out the dictionary definition of “witches.” [Read More]
ASK MR. KNOW IT ALL: Not Murphy's Law
2 days ago -
Enjoy this weekly trivia blast, appearing every Sunday in The Indiana Gazette and on The Indiana Gazette Online. [Read More]
Lucas offers details on Chicago museum
2 days ago -
CHICAGO (AP) — George Lucas is filling in some details on his planned art and movie memorabilia museum, including how the California native settled on Chicago as a location over San Francisco. [Read More]
Sunday TV news show guests listed
2 days ago -
WASHINGTON — Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows: [Read More]
BOOK REVIEW: Couple finds a lost spark in 'Brightwell' BOOK REVIEW: Couple finds a lost spark in 'Brightwell'
2 days ago -
At the heart of this light, energetic tale of a group of wealthy eccentrics on holiday at a seaside resort in England emerges a story of a marriage. Yes, there’s a juicy scandal, snobbish comments and petty disagreements among people of a certain class feeling carefree and insular in 1932 Kent. [Read More]
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