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MUSIC REVIEW: Streisand's timeless 'Partners' soars MUSIC REVIEW: Streisand's timeless 'Partners' soars
5 weeks ago -
Barbra Streisand’s “Partners” isn’t just about star-powered duets, but partnerships of love and family. It’s a love album for the ages, as fit for your anniversary as your parents’ or your child’s wedding. [Read More]
Defragmenting the hard drive on a Windows PC
5 weeks ago -
QUESTION: Do you still have to defragment the hard-disk drive on a Windows 8.1 computer to keep it from running slow? [Read More]
Apple: U2 album accessed by 33 million users
5 weeks ago -
NEW YORK (AP) — Apple Inc. says 33 million iTunes account holders have accessed U2's free album. [Read More]
U2 guitarist gets boost in bid for Malibu mansions
5 weeks ago -
MALIBU, Calif. (AP) — The guitarist for U2 finally has an edge in getting his long-planned compound of mansions built in the mountains above Malibu. [Read More]
Three books a good read in short form
5 weeks ago -
These new books offer splendid reading in short forms. [Read More]
BOOK REVIEW: Christina Dodd's novel fact-paced, but predictable BOOK REVIEW: Christina Dodd's novel fact-paced, but predictable
5 weeks ago -
Christina Dodd’s storytelling skills keep her latest novel, “Virtue Falls,” on track as she weaves a tale of a young woman trying to come to terms with her violent family history in a beautiful, remote section of Washington State that has been hit by a major earthquake. [Read More]
Books that are perfect for playtime
5 weeks ago -
Pinterest is great to search for ideas for kids’ activities, but a book filled with activities is a great resource to have on hand and go through with your kids. Here are three books that we turn to for fun and games. [Read More]
5 weeks ago -
Publishers Weekly best-sellers for the week ending Sept. 14: [Read More]
5 weeks ago -
The top movies downloaded from the iTunes Store for the week ending Sept. 17: [Read More]
5 weeks ago -
The top 10 books on Apple's iBooks for the week ending Sept. 15: [Read More]
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