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VIDEO GAME REVIEW: 'Murdered' spins a spirited mystery
4 weeks ago -
Death is rarely permanent in video games. Whether you’re Mario, Lara Croft or Master Chief, no matter how many times you get “killed,” you can always dust yourself off and leap back into the fray. [Read More]
Comic-con offers toy creators a chance to go wild Comic-con offers toy creators a chance to go wild
4 weeks ago -
LOS ANGELES — When it comes to designing the highly coveted collectible toys for sale at Comic-Con, the annual celebration of pop culture that lifted off Thursday in San Diego, the sky’s the limit for the designers at Mattel. Fittingly, the building where Mattel’s dreamers conceive of their li [Read More]
Marvel Comics unveils black Captain America
4 weeks ago -
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The new Captain America will be an African-American. [Read More]
Scholarships to be given for slaying video game foes
4 weeks ago -
CHICAGO — Note to parents: All those hours your kids spend blazing a trail of destruction in video games may not be a complete waste of time, after all. [Read More]
ASK MR. KNOW IT ALL: Oh for Pete's sake
4 weeks ago -
Enjoy this weekly trivia blast, appearing every Sunday in The Indiana Gazette and on The Indiana Gazette Online. [Read More]
Franklin slams server's D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T
4 weeks ago -
NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario — Aretha Franklin has some harsh words for a server who showed D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T by telling the Queen of Soul she wasn’t allowed to eat her takeout inside the restaurant. [Read More]
BOOK REVIEW: 'Hounded' is new legal thriller by Rosenfelt BOOK REVIEW: 'Hounded' is new legal thriller by Rosenfelt
4 weeks ago -
David Rosenfelt deftly works in wry humor, a love of dogs and New Jersey gangsters in “Hounded,” his highly entertaining 12th legal thriller featuring attorney Andy Carpenter. [Read More]
BOOK REVIEW: Burke fashions epic story in 'Stranger' BOOK REVIEW: Burke fashions epic story in 'Stranger'
4 weeks ago -
Author James Lee Burke is a descendant of tough Texas lawmen. In fact, his maternal great-grandfather once tangled with some of the West’s most notorious gunslingers. [Read More]
4 weeks ago -
Publishers Weekly best-sellers for the week ending July 20: [Read More]
4 weeks ago -
The top 10 movies downloaded from the iTunes Store for the week ending July 23: [Read More]
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