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Got game? Five ways 'Wolfenstein' is being reinvented Got game? Five ways 'Wolfenstein' is being reinvented
2 weeks ago -
LOS ANGELES — In the video game “Wolfenstein: The New Order,” players will be doing only one thing — killing Nazis — but the creators at MachineGames, who have never before taken on a “Wolfenstein” game, have added several updates ... [Read More]
New thrill ride to debut at Busch Gardens New thrill ride to debut at Busch Gardens
2 weeks ago -
TAMPA, Fla. — Thrill ride developers at Busch Gardens acknowledge that the park’s newest attraction might not be everyone’s idea of a good time. [Read More]
A heads-on look at Sony's virtual reality googles
2 weeks ago -
SAN FRANCISCO — The promise of virtual reality in the living room is coming closer to, well, reality. [Read More]
ASK MR. KNOW IT ALL: Know It All hunting for still hunting
2 weeks ago -
Question: Have you ever heard of the term “still hunt”? What is it? — T.W., White Castle, La. [Read More]
Feline fans flock to first cat cafe
2 weeks ago -
LONDON — Would you like some kitten with your coffee? [Read More]
Barrymore helping to boost kids' safety
2 weeks ago -
LOS ANGELES — As a new mom, Drew Barrymore felt she might sacrifice her famous free-spirited nature for the safety of her 15-month-old daughter. [Read More]
BOOK REVIEW: New John Wayne biography hits target BOOK REVIEW: New John Wayne biography hits target
2 weeks ago -
Who’s that on the cover of Scott Eyman’s splendid biography of Hollywood’s most enduring movie star? Surely that wavy-haired young fellow in the suit and tie isn’t John Wayne. Where’s the Stetson, the Winchester rifle, the six-shooter, the boots and spurs? [Read More]
Books take you out to the ballgame
2 weeks ago -
Opening Day at the ballpark always brings with it a crop of new books about baseball. [Read More]
2 weeks ago -
The App Store's official charts for the week ending March 31: [Read More]
2 weeks ago -
Publishers Weekly's best-sellers list for the week ending March 30, powered by Nielsen Bookscan. [Read More]
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