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A Sobering Story: Gazette shines light on scourge of drugs A Sobering Story: Gazette shines light on scourge of drugs
3 days ago - - MICHAEL DONNELLY
Drug addiction. It is one of the most misunderstood diseases, and that is why it is often referred to as “The Disease of Shame.” [Read More]
A Sobering Story: Addicts must confront their demons, experts say
3 days ago - - SAM KUSIC, JULIE MARTIN
To understand what alcoholism and drug addiction are, it’s necessary to first understand what they aren’t — a character flaw, a moral weakness, or a personal decision on the part of an inherently bad person. [Read More]
Addiction crushes a family, dreams
3 days ago - - SAM KUSIC
At some point long in the past, I took to answering middle-of-the-day phone calls from my mother by asking, demanding, actually, “What’s wrong now?” [Read More]
Where to find help
3 days ago -
Do you or a loved one need help with addiction? [Read More]
The 12-step program
3 days ago -
These are the original twelve steps as published by Alcoholics Anonymous: [Read More]
Think you can recognize the face of an addict? Think again
3 days ago - - SAM KUSIC
John (his name has been changed), who works in the addiction recovery field, recalled the one time he was talking to a police officer while at work. [Read More]
Panel to explore how to temper rowdy celebrations
3 days ago - - RANDY WELLS
Indiana Borough residents eventually will get a chance to give a new borough council committee their ideas for keeping a lid on celebrations of rowdy young people like last month’s “IUPatty’s Day.” [Read More]
Local cookie bakery makes deliveries Local cookie bakery makes deliveries
3 days ago - - ELLEN MATIS
Need a late night sugar fix? Insomnia Cookies can help. [Read More]
Stylists volunteer to beautify VNA patients Stylists volunteer to beautify VNA patients
3 days ago - - EMILY WEBER
Stylist Freddy Viggo compares his service with hospice patients to the feeling of taking a shower when you’re sick. [Read More]
3 days ago - - JAMES J. NESTOR
Mila Keppich, 15 months, collected Easter eggs Saturday afternoon at Mack Park in White Township. [Read More]
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