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How to submit a letter to the editor
2 weeks ago -
The Indiana Gazette welcomes letters to the editor and will endeavor to print readers’ letters in a timely manner. [Read More]

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LEE VEST: Indiana council's misplaced priorities
29 weeks ago - Submitted
The Gazette’s Sept. 4 story on Indiana Borough council (“Indiana Borough: CDBG funds to be used to pay debt”) reported on council members’ vote to pay off the borough’s bank loan for yet more streetscape improvements in the downtown commercial district. [Read More]
MARY LOU ZANICH: Support your local libraries
29 weeks ago - Submitted
During the next year, the American Library Association’s presidential initiative will focus on the theme “Libraries Change Lives.” [Read More]
CARRIE ORR: It's time for America to wake up
29 weeks ago - Submitted
How can we ask God to bless America when we do things that are not pleasing in his sight. [Read More]
VICTOR SUNGSHU LAN: Churches, sex and marriage
29 weeks ago - Submitted
Recently my church of 35 years, Graystone Presbyterian Church, painfully voted to separate from the Presbyterian Church USA. The vote to separate has a complicated foundation with multiple reasons; however, marriage, sex and homosexuality were certainly at the forefront of the controversy. [Read More]
LEONARD ANDERSON: Where are facts to support roundabout?
29 weeks ago - .
Where is the published research by either PennDOT engineers or recognized major consulting firms to justify the East Pike roundabout project? Where can the public find answers to questions within the following categories? [Read More]
DAVID ANDERSON: Indiana board needs to explain decision
29 weeks ago - Submitted
I am writing in response to the recent activity by the Indiana Area school board. Once again they are trying to make changes to our children’s schooling without explaining their actions. [Read More]
DR. AUDRA SPICER: Partisan games on financing food stamps
30 weeks ago - Submitted
In a cynical bid to present an unacceptable budget to the Senate in order to force a government shutdown, the House of Representatives proposes to strip $40 billion from SNAP, the food stamp program. [Read More]
EVERETT DEMBOSKY: Congress could learn from this book
30 weeks ago - Submitted
Learn why the government doesn’t need your tax dollars in order to spend, why it can’t go broke, what a deficit really means ... [Read More]
RALPH R. BROWN: Proposed Center Twp. project unnecessary
30 weeks ago - Submitted
From the number of letters to the editor regarding the proposed roundabout on East Pike, it would seem that a lot of other people share my views on this project. [Read More]
JOHN A. CONNELL: An open letter to all politicians
30 weeks ago - Submitted
Another political season is upon us. The announcements and rumors of this soap opera’s actors have begun. The unions and other PACs’ drums of battle echo from the hills. The whisper wire is humming. The machines are “gassed” up, ready to drop their “dirty bomb” advertisements. [Read More]
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