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Commentary: Instant communication changed us
6 weeks ago -
At the start of World War I, a century ago last month, the Pacific Ocean was flecked with little islands whose only means of communication with the larger world was by steamer. [Read More]
RED-BLUE AMERICA: History books RED-BLUE AMERICA: History books
6 weeks ago - - BEN BOYCHUK & JOEL MATHIS
The Indiana Gazette continues a weekly editorial page face-off, by opposing writers on a topic of interest. Today Ben Boychuk and Joel Mathis debate history books. [Read More]
Commentary: Mr. Washington goes to Wall Street
6 weeks ago -
For people wondering how close the relationship is between Washington and Wall Street, look no further than former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s new job. [Read More]
Commentary: Leading from within Commentary: Leading from within
6 weeks ago - - THOMAS FRIEDMAN
I don’t know what action will be sufficient to roll back both the Islamic State militant group and Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, but I do know what’s necessary. [Read More]
Commentary: Journalists' deaths a reminder of freedoms Commentary: Journalists' deaths a reminder of freedoms
6 weeks ago - - CHRISTINE FLOWERS
Often, when I write something that is in the vaguest of terms controversial (as in, we shouldn’t change the names of our local train stations) I’ll get at least a few emails telling me to consider another “career.” [Read More]
Commentary: The deflated caucus Commentary: The deflated caucus
6 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
What is it that makes a powerful faction in our body politic demand tight money even in a depressed, low-inflation economy? [Read More]
6 weeks ago -
Excerpts from recent editorials in U.S. newspapers: [Read More]
Commentary: Facts still murky in Ferguson case Commentary: Facts still murky in Ferguson case
7 weeks ago - - GENE LYONS
Almost the only heartening news out of Ferguson, Mo., came in a Washington Post report headlined “Nearly 6 in 10 African-Americans say Michael Brown shooting was ‘unjustified.’” [Read More]
Commentary: A shutdown? Not going to happen Commentary: A shutdown? Not going to happen
7 weeks ago - - BYRON YORK
A few weeks ago Washington was buzzing with predictions that Republicans will impeach President Obama. [Read More]
Commentary: The body and the spirit Commentary: The body and the spirit
7 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
Like everyone, I was revolted by the beheadings of the American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff. It wasn’t just that they had been killed — though that is horrendous enough — it was the monstrous way the deed was done. [Read More]
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