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Police demand DNA in rape case
1 week ago -
PARIS — French police demanded that male students and staff at a high school in western France — 527 people in total — give DNA samples as they searched for the assailant who raped a teenage girl. [Read More]
12 perish in out-of-control Chile fire
1 week ago -
VALPARAISO, Chile — Firefighters struggled for a second night early today to contain blazes that have killed 12 people, injured 500, destroyed 2,000 homes and forced 10,000 people to flee the densely populated hills that gave this Chilean port city its unique beauty. [Read More]
Afghan election results show runoff likely
1 week ago -
In the first official report of partial results from the Afghan presidential election, candidates Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani appeared to be leading in a race where a runoff election was increasingly certain, according to data released by the Independent Election Commission. [Read More]
Dozens killed in blast
1 week ago -
ABUJA, Nigeria — Dozens of people are feared dead in an explosion that blasted through a busy commuter bus station on the outskirts of Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, before 7 a.m. today as people were traveling to work. [Read More]
Stabbing suspect's mental state is key to case
1 week ago -
MURRYSVILLE — The legal fate of the 16-year-old boy accused of stabbing or slashing 21 fellow students and a security guard at his high school will probably pivot more on his mental state than his tender age, attorneys say. [Read More]
Five remain hospitalized in stabbing rampage
1 week ago -
A high school student who was among the most critically injured in a stabbing rampage outside Pittsburgh has undergone multiple surgeries and will have another one this weekend, but he is improving and has been able to communicate with his family, hospital officials said Saturday. [Read More]
VIEWING HARRISBURG: Cash gift scandal puts reform issues back on table
1 week ago -
HARRISBURG — Reports that lawmakers were captured on tape accepting cash from a confidential informant working for the state attorney general’s office has brought back to center stage a concept that just a few years ago was everywhere in Harrisburg: reform. [Read More]
Obama allows NSA to keep some security flaws secret
1 week ago -
WASHINGTON — Stepping into a heated debate within the nation’s intelligence agencies, President Barack Obama has decided that when the National Security Agency discovers major flaws in Internet security, it should — in most circumstances — reveal them ... [Read More]
Visions of 1964 World's Fair didn't all come true Visions of 1964 World's Fair didn't all come true
1 week ago -
NEW YORK — Video phone calls? Yeah, we do that. Asking computers for information? Sure, several times a day. Colonies on the moon and jet packs as a mode of everyday transportation. OK, maybe not. [Read More]
World's Fair predictions
1 week ago -
A half century later, some predictions proved to be on target [Read More]
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