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Infant hurt after being trapped under dead father
1 week ago -
PLEASANT HILL, La. (AP) — Authorities say a 10-month-old girl is in a hospital after being trapped underneath her father’s decomposing body for several days. [Read More]
Police arrest 17 protesters in St. Louis Police arrest 17 protesters in St. Louis
1 week ago -
ST. LOUIS — Officers arrested 17 protesters and used pepper spray to subdue some of them Sunday in a St. Louis neighborhood not far from the suburb where violence erupted this summer after the shooting of a black man by a white policeman. [Read More]
North Korea: Remains of U.S. soldiers being moved
1 week ago -
SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea said today that the remains of American soldiers killed during the Korean War were being neglected and “carried away en masse,” in an apparent effort to pressure Washington to resume recovery efforts. [Read More]
Underground railroad music focus of symposium
1 week ago -
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A symposium at Temple University will focus on the role music played in the underground railroad that was used to help American slaves escape the South for northern states or Canada. [Read More]
$5.4 billion pledged to Gaza Strip after Israel-Hamas war
1 week ago -
CAIRO — A donor conference in Cairo to raise money for Gaza after this year’s war between Hamas and Israel ended with pledges of $5.4 billion, half of which will be “dedicated” to the reconstruction of the coastal strip, Norway’s foreign minister said Sunday. [Read More]
Mountain ambush by Taliban kills 14 Afghan troops
1 week ago -
KABUL, Afghanistan — A mountain ambush by Taliban fighters killed at least 14 Afghan security force troops, authorities said today, as villagers elsewhere in the country alleged a NATO airstrike that the coalition said targeted militants actually killed civilians. [Read More]
Workers clear debris after cyclone kills 8
1 week ago -
HYDERABAD, India — Rescue workers and soldiers cleared uprooted trees and electrical poles blocking roads today after a tropical cyclone killed at least eight people and demolished tens of thousands of mud huts in eastern India. [Read More]
Large mosaic uncovered in ancient Greek tomb Large mosaic uncovered in ancient Greek tomb
1 week ago -
ATHENS, Greece — Archaeologists digging through a vast ancient tomb in Amphipolis in northern Greece have uncovered a floor mosaic that covers the whole area of a room seen as the antechamber to the main burial ground. [Read More]
Angry opposition charges Hong Kong protest barricades Angry opposition charges Hong Kong protest barricades
1 week ago -
HONG KONG — An angry crowd opposed to pro-democracy protests that have paralyzed parts of Hong Kong for more than two weeks charged barricades used by the demonstrators today, clashing with police as they attempted to storm the protest zone. [Read More]
Doctor: Pistorius a 'broken man' Doctor: Pistorius a 'broken man'
1 week ago -
PRETORIA, South Africa — Oscar Pistorius is a “broken man” after killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp because he lost the woman he said he loved as well as his reputation, friends, income and sense of self-worth, a psychologist called by his lawyers testified today. [Read More]
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