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Huge storm heaps snow on Buffalo Huge storm heaps snow on Buffalo
1 week ago -
BUFFALO, N.Y. — A ferocious storm dumped massive piles of snow on parts of upstate New York, trapping residents in their homes and stranding motorists on roadways, as temperatures in all 50 states fell to freezing or below. [Read More]
GOP: Pipeline down, but not out GOP: Pipeline down, but not out
1 week ago -
WASHINGTON — Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is promising the new Republican majority will quickly resurrect Keystone XL pipeline legislation killed by Democrats, potentially setting up an early 2015 veto confrontation with President Barack Obama. [Read More]
Kane: Porn emails involved children
1 week ago -
HARRISBURG — Some of the pornographic emails that were exchanged among state government officials in a scandal that has claimed some of their jobs involved children and violent sexual acts against women, the state attorney general said Tuesday. [Read More]
Probe of Ferguson police could spur broad change
1 week ago -
WASHINGTON — As local authorities in Missouri near the end of their investigation in the Ferguson shooting, a broader federal civil rights review could hold a greater potential to refashion the police department and bring long-lasting change. [Read More]
Israelis return to Jerusalem synagogue
1 week ago -
JERUSALEM — Jewish worshippers returned today to a Jerusalem synagogue that was the scene of a horrific attack that killed five people the day before as Palestinians braced for more punitive home demolitions amid soaring tensions. [Read More]
Judge halts execution scheduled for Dec. 2
1 week ago -
EASTON, Pa. (AP) — A judge has halted an eastern Pennsylvania man's Dec. 2 execution so he can join lawsuits challenging the state's use of lethal injection. [Read More]
Former probation officer goes on trial
1 week ago -
FRANKLIN (AP) — A former western Pennsylvania probation officer is on trial on charges he solicited sexual favors from women who failed drug urine tests while he supervised them. [Read More]
Man gets prison in house blast
1 week ago -
PITTSBURGH (AP) — A suicidal man who got the idea to blow up his house after watching a TV show about the Hindenburg explosion will spend five to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to more than two dozen charges stemming from the blast. [Read More]
Comic buys snowblower after 'fundraiser' fails
1 week ago -
ERIE (AP) — A California comedian who moved to snowy northwestern Pennsylvania has bought a snowblower for $300 after jokingly trying to raise money for one on the online crowdfunding site [Read More]
Student charged in Edinboro shooting death Student charged in Edinboro shooting death
1 week ago -
EDINBORO (AP) — A northwestern Pennsylvania state university student has been arrested in the shooting death of a former student outside an off-campus apartment complex, authorities said. [Read More]
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