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Three arrested in $12 million drug bust
2 days ago -
NEW YORK (AP) — Three men who authorities say stored $12 million worth of heroin and $500,000 in crystal meth inside hidden compartments within two New York City apartments have been arrested and charged, officials said Wednesday. [Read More]
Portland to flush reservoir
2 days ago -
PORTLAND, Ore. — Call it the Big Flush 2, and this time the sequel promises to be much bigger than the original. [Read More]
Few policy changes made since Boston bombing
2 days ago -
BOSTON — A year after homemade bombs ripped through the Boston Marathon, state and federal officials have enacted virtually no policy changes in response to the attack, a dramatic departure from previous acts of terrorism that prompted waves of government action. [Read More]
Perelman may back union bid for papers
2 days ago -
WILMINGTON, Del. — Philadelphia newspaper employees hope to mount a bid in the latest sale of their company with help from local philanthropist Raymond Perelman, the papers’ union chief told a judge Wednesday. [Read More]
Ukraine: Three killed in base attack
2 days ago -
KIEV, Ukraine — Three pro-Russian protesters were killed and 13 injured during an attempted overnight raid on a Ukrainian National Guard base in the Black Sea port of Mariupol, Ukraine’s authorities said today. [Read More]
Nigeria says fate of abducted girls unknown
2 days ago -
MAIDUGURI, Nigeria — The fate of more than 100 girls and young women abducted by Islamic extremists was thrown into uncertainty today when their school principal denied a report from Nigeria’s military that almost all the students were free. [Read More]
2 days ago -
The Gazette corrects factual errors as soon as they are brought to our attention. If you see an error or omission, call Eric Ebeling, executive editor, at extension 269. [Read More]
Submarine makes second dive in search of missing plane
3 days ago -
PERTH, Australia — As a robotic submarine dived into the ocean to look for lost Flight 370, angry Chinese relatives stormed out of a teleconference meeting today to protest the Malaysian government for not addressing them in person. [Read More]
Franklin Regional classes resume
3 days ago -
MURRYSVILLE (AP) —Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville resumed classes one week after a student stabbed 21 others and a security guard, leaving four students still hospitalized. [Read More]
Train kills man on tracks
3 days ago -
A Westmoreland County man has died after lying on train tracks and being struck by a locomotive, but investigators still don’t know why that happened. [Read More]
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