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ELECTION 2014: Businessman Tom Wolf wins Dem nod for Pa. governor ELECTION 2014: Businessman Tom Wolf wins Dem nod for Pa. governor
15 weeks ago -
Pennsylvania Democrats on Tuesday picked millionaire businessman Tom Wolf as their nominee to challenge Republican Gov. Tom Corbett after Wolf dug deep into his own pocket to finance months of folksy TV ads that catapulted him to the top of a four-way race. [Read More]
Polls open for primary election Polls open for primary election
15 weeks ago -
The polls opened at 7 a.m. in Indiana County for the 2014 primary election. [Read More]
CAMPAIGN 2014: Poll shows Wolf holds Democrat race lead
16 weeks ago -
HARRISBURG (AP) — A new poll shows that Tom Wolf is maintaining a 19-point lead over his closest competitor in Pennsylvania’s race for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination. [Read More]
ELECTION 2014: Reed secures Republican vote; Democrat stages write-in bid
15 weeks ago -
State Rep. Dave Reed, R-Indiana, likely will face opposition in his bid for another term this November. [Read More]
ELECTION 2014: Kentucky Republicans retain McConnell
15 weeks ago -
WASHINGTON — Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell dispatched his tea party challenger with ease Tuesday night, and Democrats turned to two women, Alison Lundergan Grimes to oppose him in Kentucky and Michelle Nunn to fight for Georgia, in elections next fall ... [Read More]
ELECTION 2014: Rep. Bill Shuster advances in 9th District ELECTION 2014: Rep. Bill Shuster advances in 9th District
15 weeks ago -
HARRISBURG — Two of Pennsylvania’s veteran congressmen have withstood election challenges from within their own parties. [Read More]
ELECTION 2014: Pennsylvania voters heading to the polls ELECTION 2014: Pennsylvania voters heading to the polls
15 weeks ago -
HARRISBURG — Millionaire businessman Tom Wolf is seeking to fend off a five-term congresswoman and two other rivals to capture the Democratic nomination for Pennsylvania governor after nearly four months of folksy TV ads helped make him the front-runner. [Read More]
ELECTION 2014: Dush edges Corbin in 66th
15 weeks ago - - RANDY WELLS
A 312-vote advantage in Jefferson County offset a slight deficit in Indiana County and helped Cris Dush win the Republican nomination for state representative in the 66th District Tuesday. [Read More]
CAMPAIGN 2014: Wolf's early ad set tone of primary
15 weeks ago -
HARRISBURG — Tom Wolf’s campaign ad came across as warm and fuzzy but had the electoral power of an uppercut. [Read More]
CAMPAIGN 2014: Primaries to test tea party strength
15 weeks ago -
WASHINGTON — Tuesday’s primary elections will give establishment Republicans another chance to defeat tea party-backed candidates, but some political activists are asking if it makes much difference. [Read More]
CAMPAIGN 2014: Gubernatorial hopeful McGinty brings campaign to Indiana CAMPAIGN 2014: Gubernatorial hopeful McGinty brings campaign to Indiana
16 weeks ago - - ELLEN MATIS
Local residents were given the opportunity Thursday to voice their biggest concerns in the upcoming primary race with Katie McGinty, one of four candidates for the Democratic nomination for Pennsylvania governor. [Read More]
CAMPAIGN 2014: Answers, attacks define Democrats' final debate
16 weeks ago -
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The final debate among the four Democrats seeking their party’s nomination to take on Republican Gov. Tom Corbett in the fall veered between responses to policy questions and efforts to bend answers into attacks on front-running first-time candidate Tom Wolf. [Read More]
CAMPAIGN 2014: Harry Bodenhorn CAMPAIGN 2014: Harry Bodenhorn
16 weeks ago - - RANDY WELLS
Harry Bodenhorn, born and raised in Jefferson County, is running for the 66th District seat for the fourth time. He was also a candidate for a nomination in 2002, 2006 and 2008. [Read More]
CAMPAIGN 2014: Three seek Republican nomination in 66th District CAMPAIGN 2014: Three seek Republican nomination in 66th District
16 weeks ago - - RANDY WELLS
One of the few contested local races in the May 20 primary election pits three Jefferson County men against each other for the Republican nomination for the 66th District House seat that has been held nearly 28 years by Rep. Sam Smith, R-Punxsutawney. [Read More]
CAMPAIGN 2014: Cris Dush CAMPAIGN 2014: Cris Dush
16 weeks ago - - RANDY WELLS
Cris Dush describes himself as a constitutional conservative. [Read More]
CAMPAIGN 2014: Paul Corbin CAMPAIGN 2014: Paul Corbin
16 weeks ago - - RANDY WELLS
Raised on his family’s dairy farm, Paul Corbin was Jefferson County’s treasurer before he became that county’s commissioner in 2004 and was re-elected twice. [Read More]



 Fire Hall, 12095 Rte. 56 Hwy. E., Armagh, PA 15920


ARMSTRONG 1, The Event Hall, 4677 Parkwood Rd., Shelocta, PA 15774

ARMSTRONG 2, Shelocta United Presbyterian Church, 182 S. Ridge Rd., Shelocta, PA 15774


Banks Township

Township Supervisors’ Building, 1870 Hemlock Lane Rd., Rossiter, PA 15772

Blacklick Township

Blacklick Township Community Center/Old Gordon School House, 132 Hill Rd., Blairsville, PA 15717


BLAIRSVILLE 1, United Presbyterian Church, 137 North Walnut St., Blairsville, PA 15717

BLAIRSVILLE 2, Old American Legion Building, 101 E. North Lane, Blairsville, PA 15717

BLAIRSVILLE 3, Morewood Towers, 101 Morewood Ave., Blairsville, PA 15717


Brush Valley

Brush Valley Fire Hall, 5540 Rte. 259 Hwy., Brush Valley, PA 15720

Buffington Township

BUFFINGTON 1, Twp. Supervisors’ Building, 1010 Rte. 403 Hwy. S., Homer City, PA 15748

BUFFINGTON 2, Dilltown Sportsmen’s Club, 3092 Oneida Mine Rd., Dilltown, PA 15929


Burrell Township

BURRELL 1, Blacklick Fire Hall, 151 Main St., Blacklick, PA 15716

BURRELL 2, Chestnut Hills Senior Center, 26 Heybert Drive, Blairsville, PA 15717


Canoe Township

Township Supervisors’ Building, 1670 Canoe Ridge Rd., Rossiter PA 15772

Center Township

CENTER 1, Bethel Presbyterian Church, 1470 Bethel Church Rd., Indiana, PA 15701

CENTER 2, Coral/Graceton Fire Hall, 437 1st St., Coral, PA 15731

CENTER 3, Roman Catholic Church/Rec. Hall, 427 Lucerne Rd., Lucernemines, PA 15754


Cherryhill Tonwship

CHERRYHILL 1, Cherryhill Twp. Fire Hall, 1442 N. Harmony Rd., Penn Run, PA 15765

CHERRYHILL 2, Hull’s Farm & Lawn Equip. Showroom, 4299 Airport Road, Indiana, PA 15701


Presbyterian Church, 122 Front St., Cherry Tree, PA 15724

Clymer Borough

Clymer Municipal Building, 115 6th St., Clymer, PA 15728

Conemaugh Township

CONEMAUGH 1, Twp. Supervisors’ Building, 16980 Rte. 286 Hwy. W., Saltsburg, PA 15681

CONEMAUGH 2, Tunnelton Fire Hall, 76 E. 3rd Ave., Saltsburg, PA 15681

CONEMAUGH 3, Saltsburg Sr. High/Main Entrance, 84 Trojan Drive, Saltsburg, PA 15681



Creekside Fire Hall, Creekside, PA 15732

East Mahoning Township

Township Supervisors’ Building, 12052 Rte. 119 Hwy. N., Marion Center, PA 15759

East Wheatfield Township

EAST WHEATFIELD 1, Armagh/East Wheatfield Fire Hall, 12095 Rte. 56 Hwy. E., Armagh, PA 15920

EAST WHEATFIELD 2, Twp. Supervisors’ Building, 11444 Rte. 56 East, Armagh, PA 15920



Assumption RC Church/Activ. Bldg., 757 Main St., Ernest, PA 15739

Glen Campbell

Borough Building/Fire Hall, 440 Glenwood Ave., Glen Campbell, PA 15742

Grant Township

Grant Township Supervisors’ Bldg., 100 East Run Rd., Marion Center, PA 15759

Green Township

GREEN 1, Pine Grove Church of God, 4806 Route 240 Hwy., Cherry Tree, PA 15724

GREEN 2, Morning Star Ministries Church, 4297 Starford Rd., Starford, PA 15777

GREEN 3, Wesleyan Ministry Center, 222 Purchase Line Rd., Dixonville, PA 15734


Homer City

HOMER CITY 1, St. Mary’s Byzantine Church, 279 Yellow Creek St., Homer City, PA 15748

HOMER CITY 2, Homer City Fire Hall, 25 W. Church St., Homer City, PA 15748



INDIANA 1, Christian Church, 80 N. 5th Street, Indiana, PA 15701

INDIANA 2/1, Calvary Presbyterian Church, 695 School St., Indiana, PA 15701

INDIANA 2/2, Trinity Methodist Church, 398 Church St., Indiana, PA 15701

INDIANA 3/1, Pratt Hall, IUP, Main Lobby, 233 Pratt Dr., Indiana, PA 15705

INDIANA 3/2, Zink Hall, Gym B, IUP

INDIANA 3/4, Lifesteps, 1455 Church St., Indiana, PA 15701

INDIANA 4, Courthouse Annex, 827 Water St., Indiana, PA 15701


Marion Center

Marion Center Fire Hall, 701 Manor St, Marion Center, PA 15759

Montgomery Township

Hillsdale Citizens Ambulance, 18365 Rte. 286 Hwy. E., Hillsdale, PA 15746

North Mahoning Township

Mahoning Hills Senior Center, 19298 Rte. 119 Hwy. N., Punxsutawney, PA 15767

Pine Township

PINE 1, Historical Society, 14729 Rte. 422 Hwy. E., Strongstown, PA 15957

PINE 2, Pine Twp. Fire Hall, 6485 Rte. 403 Hwy. N., Heilwood, PA 15745

PINE 3, County Building, 11327 Rte. 553 Hwy., Alverda, PA  15710


Rayne Township

Martin Hall, 3703 Tanoma Rd., Clymer, PA 15728 (Tanoma)


Saltsburg Borough Building, 316 Point St., Saltsburg, PA 15681


Borough Building, 440 Main Street, Shelocta, PA 15774


Salem Lutheran Church, 26 Clarion St., Smicksburg, PA 16256

South Mahoning

Township Municipal Building, 10 Rossmoyne Rd., Home, PA 15747


Township Supervisors’ Building, 360 Red Lion Road, Creekside, PA 15728

West Mahoning

County Building, 135 Dayton Smicksburg Rd., Smicksburg, PA 16256

West Wheatfield

WEST WHEATFIELD 1, West Wheatfield Community Building, 290 Caroline St., Robinson, PA 15949

WEST WHEATFIELD 2, Clyde Fire Hall, 8198 Rte. 22 Hwy. E., New Florence, PA 15944 (Clyde)


White Township

WHITE 1, Indiana Ice & Expo Center, 200 Kunkle Dr., Indiana, PA 15701

WHITE 2, Mack Park Picnic Pavilion, 750 S. Sixth St., Indiana, PA 15701

WHITE 3/1, Calvary Evangelical Free Church, 74 S. Ben Franklin Rd., Indiana, PA 15701

WHITE 3/2, Rustic Lodge, 2199 Oakland Ave., Indiana, PA 15701

WHITE 3/3, Christian & Missionary Alliance Church (across from CVS), 2510 Warren Rd., Indiana, PA 15701

WHITE 4-5, Chevy Chase Community Center, 670 N. Fifth St. Rear, Indiana, PA 15701

WHITE 6, YMCA Building/Community Meeting Rm., 84 Ben Franklin Rd. N., Indiana, PA 15701


Young Township

YOUNG 1, Coal Run Fire Hall, 2184 Coal Run Rd., Clune, PA 15727

YOUNG 2, Church of God, 150 Blackleggs Rd., West Lebanon, PA 15783

YOUNG 3, Iselin Fire Hall, 375 Red St., Saltsburg, PA 15681