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Finns give reindeer florescent antler makeovers 

HELSINKI (AP) — Rudolph the reindeer is having a glittering antler makeover — the latest attempt to halt some of the thousands of road deaths of the roaming caribou in the wilds of Finland.'

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Who's the fairest camel of them all?

The Al Dhafra Camel Festival is an annual event held in Abu Dhabi, aiming to showcase the culture and heritage of the UAE. One of the highlights of the event is a 'Camel Beauty Pageant', the only of its kind held in the world. Camels are judged on their size, form, posture and color.

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9 top tech breakthroughs of 2013

A year is more like a decade in the world of technology. Think back to last December; our tech-augmented lives were quite different just 12 months ago.

There was no real platform to quickly and easily share social video with family and friends in the way it had taken off with photos, thanks to Instagram. We still hadn't really seen Google Glass in the wild. And the selfie had not yet reached its pandemic proportions of 2013.

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Giant spinning ice circle discovered in North Dakota

These ice circles, or ice discs, are believed to be formed by eddy currents, and are found only in slow-moving water. Rotational sheer is a scientific explanation of the event. (Picture a large chunk of surface ice breaking free atop a whirlpool eddy, and venturing downstream.)


While the phenomenon is considered rare, ice discs have been documented several times in recent years, in such locations as England, Russia, and the northern United States.


Most of those, however, were small by comparison.

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Aeromobil flying car goes from runway to road in style


Despite the best work of thousands of inventors around the globe, and a vision of every sci-fi movie, true flying cars have never caught on for a multitude of engineering, safety and practical reasons. So it's worth noting when a Slovakian designer reveals a new take on the idea that avoids one of the great pitfalls facing any such project: At least it looks good.

Called Aeromobil, the car was created by Slovakian engineer Stefan Klein, who's background includes work for Audi and BMW. Based on the outlines of a single-engine plane, the Aeromobil version 2.5 draws power from a 100-hp Rotax airplane engine, and can travel 430 miles on a load of fuel in the air or 310 miles on the ground. When not in use, the carbon-fiber wings fold solidly behind the two-person cockpit, disengaging the rear propeller.

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What did the hashtag do before Twitter?

Twitter and hashtags go hand-in-hand — you can't have a 140-character tweet without a # sign to get it trending.

But before it was a social-media tool, how did the # sign spend all of its time?

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Eat your heart out: Fla. man wins the lottery twice

One man in Orlando, Fla., hasn't just got Lady Luck, he has her twin sister as well.

James Bozeman Jr., 67, managed to hit the Florida Lotto not once, but twice, for a total of $13 million in winnings. Both times were at the same 7-Eleven in Edgewood, Fla.

"We're the only convenience store in the state of Florida that sold two winning lotto tickets since the inception of the Florida Lotto," said Jim Hemani, the owner of the store.

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