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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response and Resources

Here's the latest information you need to know about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its effects on the Indiana County area.

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Scarlett Baker, a kindergartener at Ben Franklin Elementary School, colored this picture of … Read more

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Jesus was walking into a lion’s den. The disciples knew the Pharisees were just waiting for a chance to get rid of Him. They’d witnessed the many times the Pharisees had tried to trap Jesus. And they’d heard the words of warning Jesus had given them twice before: That He would suffer terrible things when He went to Jerusalem, be rejected by the religious powers that be, and be killed. And He’d rise from the dead. Read more

GREENSBURG, Pa. (AP) — Charges are planned against two people accused in separate incidents of purposely coughing on a fast-food restaurant worker and staff members at a doctor's office while saying they have the coronavirus, state police in western Pennsylvania said.

A couple hours dedicated to ensuring the preparedness of boat and trailer is a wise investment in time, one likely to pay dividends in hassle-free sport throughout the season. With COVID 19 concerns likely delaying the start of your fishing season, now’s a good time to give your rig some attention.

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Tom McConnell thought for a few moments, searching for the word that best described what he witnessed on the basketball court this season.

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The year 1940 was, in general, a pretty lousy one, what with World War II and all. But it was a great one in comics, with roughly a jillion new superheroes debuting from roughly a jillion publishers, thanks to the popularity of a certain Man of Steel.

NEW YORK (AP) — The Walt Disney Co. on Friday overhauled its release schedule by moving the dates of half a dozen Marvel movies, announcing a new one for the live-action adaption of “Mulan” and pushing one movie, “Artemis Fowl,” to Disney Plus, in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Bill Withers, who wrote and sang a string of soulful songs in the 1970s that have stood the test of time, including “ Lean on Me, ” “Lovely Day” and “Ain’t No Sunshine,” has died from heart complications, his family said in a statement to The Associated Press. He was 81.

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NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Ellis Marsalis Jr., the jazz pianist, teacher and patriarch of a New Orleans musical clan, died late Wednesday from pneumonia brought on by the new coronavirus, leaving six sons and a deep legacy. He was 85.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — There are cooking shows hosted by celebrities, some of whom may know a fricassee from a frittata, and shows that feature arrogant chefs and bad cooks. There’s an upcoming digital series in which blindfolded chefs get smacked in the face with a dish and compete to identify …

NEW YORK (AP) — As a young woman growing up in the 1980s and '90s in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen — “the name was exactly accurate for what it looked like, what it felt like,” as Alicia Keys recalls it — the budding musician born Alicia Cook would purposely wear baggy clothing and Timberla…