The Indiana County Board of

Commissioners will receive

sealed bids for the Murphy

Building Demolition Project

until 1:00 P.M., on March 12,

2020 at the Indiana County

Commissioners Office located

at the Indiana County Court-

house, Second Floor, 825 Phil-

adelphia Street, Indiana,

Pennsylvania 15701, at which

time all bids will be publicly

opened and read. Faxed bids

will not be accepted.

Bid solicitation is for the

demolition of the G.C. Murphy

Building in Blairsville Bor-

ough, Indiana County, PA.

Contract Documents may be

reviewed and obtained at the

Office of Remington & Vernick

Engineers, 1000 Church Hill

Road, Suite 220, Pittsburgh,

PA 15205. Phone 412-263-2200.

Documents may also be RE-

VIEWED ONLY at the Bor-

ough of Blairsville, 203 E. Mar-

ket St., Blairsville, PA 15717,

Phone 724-459-9100. Contract

Documents may be obtained

from Remington & Vernick

Engineers for the nonrefund-

able fee of $100.00 per set. Dig-

ital Copies are available in

PDF format on a USB Drive at

a 50% discount of the paper

copies cost. A $10.00 ($5.00 Dig-

ital Copies) fee for postage

and handling will be required

for Contract Documents that

are mailed to bidders. All

checks shall be made payable

to Remington & Vernick Engi-


A certified check, payable to

the order of the County of Indi-

ana, or a satisfactory Bid Bond

executed by the Bidder and an

acceptable surety in an

amount equal to 10 percent

(10%) of the total of the Bid

shall be submitted with each

bid to guarantee the Bidder's

entrance into a contract if

given the award. No bid bond

shall be waived or returned

because the Bidder has failed

to or cannot comply with any

requirements set forth in the

plans, specifications, or any

applicable statutes of the Com-

monwealth of Pennsylvania, or

any applicable municipal ordi-

nances. No bid may be with-

drawn for sixty (60) calendar

days after the scheduled clos-

ing time for receipt of bids.

Bidders for this contract

shall have completed projects

similar in character and scope

and will be required to pro-

vide with their Bid the follow-

ing documents:

* 10% Bid Bond

* Statement of Qualifications

for prime contractor.

* Non-Collusion Affidavit of

Prime Bidder.

* Certification of Non Segre-

gated Facilities.

* Certification of Bidder Re-

garding Equal Employment


* Section 3 Contract Solic-

itation and Commitment State-


* MBE/WBE Contact Solic-

itation and Commitment State-


* Public Works Employment

Verification Form.

The County may reject bids

that do not include the exe-

cuted documents specified

above with the bid form. As a

prospective bidder see the

Project Bid Package including

but not limited to Project

Manual/Bid Package and Tech-

nical Drawings and

(Construction) Specifications

for detailed information, re-

sponsibilities, and instruc-


The bidders must provide

documentary evidence of Sec-

tion 3 business concerns and

minority and women business

enterprises who have been

contacted and to whom com-

mitments have been made.

Documentation of such solic-

itations and commitments

shall be submitted concur-

rently with the bid.

Prevailing wages estab-

lished under the PA Bureau of

Labor Law Compliance will

apply to this contract. The con-

tract documents contain re-

quirements addressing pre-

vailing labor wage rates, labor

standards, nondiscrimination

in hiring practices and related


A non mandatory Pre Bid

Meeting will be held on March

3, 2020, 10:00 a.m. at the Bor-

ough of Blairsville, 203 E. Mar-

ket St., Blairsville, PA 15717.

The Indiana County Commis-

sioners reserve the right to re-

ject any or all bids or to waive

any informalities in the bidd-



be in accordance with the In-

structions to Bidders included

in the Project Manual/Bid


R. Michael Keith, Chairman

Robin A. Gorman

Sherene Hess

Indiana County Board

of Commissioners

2/10, 2/14