Indiana County Commission-

ers will receive sealed Bids

for the Buttermilk Falls Ac-

cess Project until 10:30 a.m. lo-

cal prevailing time on Monday,

April 6th, 2020, at the

Commissioner's Office, 2nd

floor of the Indiana County

Courthouse, 825 Philadelphia

Street, Indiana, PA 15701, at

which time the bids will be

publicly opened and read

aloud. Bid award/rejection

will be made at the Indiana

County Commissioner's meet-

ing of Wednesday, April 8th,


Work consists of the con-

struction of stairs, platforms,

and boardwalk that connects

the observation area to exist-

ing bridge and stairs.

Copies of the Bidding Docu-

ments may be reviewed and

obtained at the office of

Thomas R. Harley* Architects,

LLC, 541 Philadelphia Street,

Indiana, PA 15701, beginning

on Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

Incomplete sets of Bidding

Documents will not be issued.

Payment for the Bidding Docu-

ments will be $40.00 per set or

$10.00 per CD with all checks

made payable to "Thomas R.

Harley* Architects, LLC". A

non refundable shipping and

handling charge of $10.00 per

set and $10.00 per CD will be

added for each set or CD of

Bidding Documents that is

mailed to Bidders. The Owner

and Architect assume no re-

sponsibility for delay or loss

due to mailing. There will be

no refund for returned Bidd-

ing Documents.

A non mandatory pre bid

conference will be held at 1:00

p.m. on Wednesday, March 25,

2020 at the site, 570 Valley

Brook Road, New Florence,

PA 15944.

Bid Security shall accom-

pany each Bid to guarantee

the Bidder will enter into a

Contract with the Owner and

furnish the required Payment

and Performance bonds, if

given the award. Bid Security

shall be in the form of a certi-

fied check, cash bond, or satis-

factory Bid Bond and shall be

in an amount equal to ten per-

cent (10%) of the base bid. No

Bid Security shall be waived

or returned because the Bid-

der has failed to, or cannot

comply with, any requirements

set forth in the Bidding Docu-

ments, any applicable munici-

pal ordinances, or any statutes

of the Commonwealth of Penn-

sylvania. A bid may not be

modified, withdrawn or can-

celed by the Bidder within

sixty (60) calendar days follow-

ing the time and date desig-

nated for the receipt of Bids,

without the written consent of

the Owner. The surety must be

a Guarantee or Surety Com-

pany acceptable to the U.S.

Government as published in

U.S. Treasury Circular No. 570

and must be licensed to do

business in the Common-

wealth of Pennsylvania.

PA Prevailing Wages Project

Rates will apply to all portions

of this Project. Current wage

rates are included in the Proj-

ect Manual.

The Owner reserves the

right to reject any or all Bids

or to waive any informalities

in the Bidding.

Indiana County


R. Michael Keith, Chair

Robin Gorman

Sherene Hess


Robin Maryai,

Chief Clerk

3/6, 3/18