Details for NOTICE Pursuant to the Surface Min- ing Conservation and Recla



Pursuant to the Surface Min-

ing Conservation and Recla-

mation Act and the Clean

Streams Law, notice hereby is

given that K.M.P. Associates,

Inc., 3756 Rt. 981, Saltsburg,

PA 15681 has made applica-

tion to the Pennsylvania De-

partment of Environmental

Protection for renewing its

existing NPDES permit that

was associated with surface

mine permit #32990110, known

as the Park Mine. The permit

was issued on May 15, 2000 and

expires on May 15, 2020. The

receiving streams for the

NPDES permit are an Un-

named tributary to Harpers

Run and Harpers Run. The

permit is located approxi-

mately 1,700 feet south of the

village of Iselin on the prop-

erty of Robert B. Gayton

(formerly Charles S. & Dolores

M. Kravetsky) in Young Town-

ship, Indiana County. The

Avonmore PA U.S. Geological

Survey 7.5 minute topographic

map contains the area de-

scribed. The permit is for the

operation and maintenance of

a mine drainage treatment sys-

tem, and the long term treat-

ment costs for those systems

are currently covered by a

fully funded mine drainage

treatment trust. A copy of the

application for renewal is

available for public inspection

at the district mining office

listed below. Written com-

ments, objections, or a request

for public hearing or informal

conference may be submitted

to the Bureau of District Min-

ing Operations, 286 Industrial

Park Road, Ebensburg, PA

15931-4119 within 30 days fol-

lowing the date of the last (4th)

publication date of this notice

and must include the person's

name, address, telephone

number and a brief statement

as to the nature of the


3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23