Details for NOTICE Sealed proposals will be re- ceived by the: Green



Sealed proposals will be re-

ceived by the: Green Township

Board of Supervisors of Indi-

ana County at 1492 Route 240

Hwy., Commodore, PA 15729

until 12:00 PM, on March 10,

2020, for the following:

ITEM 1. 1 LS Site prepara-

tion including excavation & re-

moval of existing culvert.

ITEM 2. 1 LS Installation of

new bridge footers, stream

restoration work & pipe work.

Prevailing Wage rates shall

apply to this project.

Attendance at a pre bid con-

ference is mandatory and will

be held on site, Friday, Febru-

ary 28, 2020 at 12:00 p.m.

Liquidated damages apply at

the rate of $850.00 per calen-

dar day.

Proposals must be upon the

forms furnished by the Munici-


For third class cities the bid

must be accompanied by a cer-

tified check or bid bond in the

amount of 10% of the bid,

made payable to the munici-

pality. For other municipal

types it is the discretion of the

municipality. A performance

bond or certified check in the

amount of 100% of the contract

shall be furnished by the suc-

cessful bidder within 20 days

after the contract is awarded.

The Municipality reserves

the right to reject any or all


Green Township

BY: Jennifer Jennings


2/14, 2/19