Indiana, PA - Indiana County

for Monday September 26, 2016

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Horoscope: If you have some spare cash you'll enjoy spending it on yourself or your loved ones. You don't have to go overboard and fork out more than you can afford; even buying some edible treats, such as a packet of chocolate biscuits, will do the trick. Of course, if you're feeling flush, you'll get a real kick out of being generous to some of the special people in your life.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 871

Financial Outlook: Weak

Compatible Sign: Aquarius


Horoscope: It's easy to hit it off with whoever you come into contact with today. You're being charming and friendly, and everyone will respond accordingly. This is good news if you have to break the ice with someone new because you'll instinctively say the right things to make them feel at ease. It's also a great day for being with that special person in your life.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 904

Financial Outlook: Very Good

Compatible Sign: Pisces


Horoscope: You're in a very friendly and easy-going mood, and you're also feeling affectionate. It's a great day for making a fuss of a colleague if they aren't very well, or getting to know them better so you can become friends. If you're going near the shops you'll enjoy seeing what's on offer and might be tempted by items that promise to improve your health or boost your looks.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 694

Financial Outlook: Good

Compatible Sign: Gemini


Horoscope: It may be Monday but you're feeling in a really good mood. It's a great day for doing something enjoyable, such as buying yourself a treat at lunchtime or arranging to meet one of your favourite people after work. You're feeling very romantic today, so why not indulge yourself with you-know-who or curl up with some chocolates and a favourite film.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 400

Financial Outlook: Good

Compatible Sign: Aquarius


Horoscope: Surround yourself with some of the special people in your life today. Or maybe there's only one person you're really interested in? Whatever the cast list happens to be, this will be an enjoyable and satisfying day. If you're on your own for some reason, you'll feel happiest if you can pamper yourself and indulge yourself emotionally.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 685

Financial Outlook: Very Good

Compatible Sign: Pisces


Horoscope: Friends make your world go round today, even if the only contact you have with them is on the phone or by email. They'll help to cheer you up and keep you smiling, and they'll also give you some emotional support if they think you need it. If you can't see them today, why not arrange to get together later in the week?

Fortunate Astrological Number: 664

Financial Outlook: Fair

Compatible Sign: Sagittarius


Horoscope: If you think you went too far yesterday, make amends and apologize. Your current charm will stand you in good stead and help to smooth any ruffled feathers. If you want to make progress in your career or your public reputation, get in touch with people who have power and influence and may be able to help you in some way. They might even pull some strings for you.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 488

Financial Outlook: Good

Compatible Sign: Libra


Horoscope: If you trod on someone's toes yesterday and upset them, this is a perfect day for saying sorry. You probably won't have to grovel, either, because they'll probably be very easy-going about the whole thing. You'll enjoy having a change of scene at some point today, especially if you can visit somewhere that's beautiful or restful.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 346

Financial Outlook: Good

Compatible Sign: Taurus


Horoscope: It's easy to express your emotions today, so show the people around you how much you care about them. You might do this by giving them big hugs and kisses, or you may choose to be more discreet while still letting them know how you feel. It's an especially good day for getting on well with women, whether you're a man or a woman.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 175

Financial Outlook: Strong

Compatible Sign: Sagittarius


Horoscope: A certain someone makes your world go round today. They're being friendly, sweet and affectionate, and you love them for it. It would be a shame to spend too much time by yourself now because you're in such a convivial mood and you'll love being sociable. If you'd like to get to know someone better, this is a brilliant day to break the ice and invite them out for a drink or a meal. They'll probably be delighted.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 628

Financial Outlook: Strong

Compatible Sign: Capricorn


Horoscope: It's good news if you're at work because you'll do your best to get on well with everyone around you. If someone new has joined the team, why not break the ice by chatting to them or suggesting you go out for lunch together. And if there has been a rift with a workmate recently, this is a good day for putting matters to rights and trying to patch up your quarrel.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 821

Financial Outlook: Weak

Compatible Sign: Cancer


Horoscope: Life is a lot less fraught and tense today, which will come as a great relief if you've been going through the mill during the past few days. Maybe you could do something enjoyable to celebrate or to make you feel better, even if you're only mooching around the shops at lunchtime. You'll definitely enjoy being in beautiful or serene surroundings because they'll help to relax you.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 340

Financial Outlook: Weak

Compatible Sign: Sagittarius