Indiana, PA - Indiana County

for Saturday February 6, 2016

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Horoscope: No matter what else is lined up, set aside some time in which you can completely relax and do something you always enjoy. You might want to curl up with the papers, watch a favourite film or go for a walk with a friend. Creative activities are also ideal for you now as they'll give your imagination a chance to blossom.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 504

Financial Outlook: Weak

Compatible Sign: Sagittarius


Horoscope: It's delightfully easy to get on well with other people today, especially if they're older or more important than you. Somehow you'll manage to smooth any ruffled feathers and put these people at their ease. This is good news if you'll be seeing someone who isn't always sweetness and light, as they should be easier to manage than usual. What a relief!

Fortunate Astrological Number: 780

Financial Outlook: Weak

Compatible Sign: Leo


Horoscope: Enjoy your social life whenever you get the chance. You're feeling chatty and exuberant, and you'll also get a big kick out of making people laugh. If you can spare the time you'll enjoy immersing yourself in a favourite hobby that allows you to forget about any worries that may be currently bugging you.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 223

Financial Outlook: Fair

Compatible Sign: Libra


Horoscope: Once again you're feeling businesslike and organized, so don't let it go to waste. You'll soon feel rather agitated and restless if you're lazing around, so work off that nervous energy by doing some gardening or dusting, or by having a blitz on all those cupboards that you daren't open for fear of what might fall out of them. Get a bin bag, open that cupboard, and start chucking out all those things you know you'll never use again. And then give the decent items to charity. Think how virtuous you'll feel when you've finished!

Fortunate Astrological Number: 267

Financial Outlook: Fair

Compatible Sign: Taurus


Horoscope: This is another great day for talking to other people about things that are important to you. Today, however, you're interested in discussing topics with a spiritual, philosophical or religious theme. The more open-minded you are, the more you'll learn now from one another, so don't imagine that you have all the answers or automatically assume that the other person is talking rubbish because you don't agree with them.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 526

Financial Outlook: Strong

Compatible Sign: Capricorn


Horoscope: You're eager to ferret out facts and important pieces of information today, and you won't be happy until you've found out exactly what's going on. This shouldn't be too difficult because other people are being surprisingly forthcoming right now, but even so you should know where to draw the line and not pry into things that don't concern you. In your spare time, you'll enjoy getting engrossed in puzzles, quizzes and other brainteasers.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 790

Financial Outlook: Strong

Compatible Sign: Scorpio


Horoscope: This is a fabulous day for getting along well with everyone you meet, whether you know them inside out or you're talking to a complete stranger in the supermarket. So what's the secret of your success? Well, you're ready to take people as you find them, without expecting them to be something they're not, and this easy-going attitude will soon win you lots of fans. If only every day were like this, how simple life would be!

Fortunate Astrological Number: 384

Financial Outlook: Good

Compatible Sign: Leo


Horoscope: Yesterday you were getting to grips with physical problems and today you need to do the same with mental difficulties. This might mean having a serious chat with a loved one and discussing something that's bothering them at the moment, or writing that letter you've been putting off because you didn't know what to say. Your brain is sharp and well-ordered, so put it to good use while it's working in your favor.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 427

Financial Outlook: Strong

Compatible Sign: Taurus


Horoscope: It's time to ask a few questions. Maybe you want to clear up a minor domestic mystery, or you're looking for much bigger answers than that. Either way, this is an ideal day for taking part in a deep discussion or for doing a little research on your own. However, you must play by the rules - don't stick your nose into things that don't concern you and don't make others feel uncomfortable.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 910

Financial Outlook: Very Good

Compatible Sign: Virgo


Horoscope: Once again you're concerned about your finances, so have a look around your home to see what improvements you could make if you had the cash. Maybe you should make a list of the things that need to be done immediately and those that will require your attention in the coming months. If you're shopping you'll enjoy buying items that add to your domestic comfort or safety.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 314

Financial Outlook: Fair

Compatible Sign: Capricorn


Horoscope: A friend needs to talk to you today because there's something they want to discuss with someone they can trust. Your conversation will become hard-hitting and searching, because neither of you will want to skim over the surface. Instead, you're ready to talk about things as they really are, and to see things in their true perspective.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 326

Financial Outlook: Fair

Compatible Sign: Aries


Horoscope: Ideally, you should spend today with a few of your special people, not surrounded by strangers or acquaintances. It's a day when you value your privacy and would rather be left alone than stuck with someone you don't like. You'll appreciate having some time to yourself, too, in which you can please yourself and indulge in a favourite activity, such as reading a book or playing with the cat.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 510

Financial Outlook: Fair

Compatible Sign: Virgo