Indiana, PA - Indiana County

for Monday May 2, 2016

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Horoscope: Something or someone gets under your skin today, making you agitated and irritable. There may be reasons why you can't show how you're feeling, perhaps because the circumstances aren't right, but you'll certainly be fuming underneath. Try not to bottle up your feelings too much because that will only make matters worse. If necessary, let off steam with some exercise.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 681

Financial Outlook: Strong

Compatible Sign: Aquarius


Horoscope: A friend could easily get under your skin now, making you feel irritated. Perhaps they're being a bit pushy or heavy-handed, and you don't like it. Should you lose your temper with them or just grin and bear it? The trouble with keeping quiet is that you'll probably convey your displeasure in other way, such as looking annoyed or being sulky, so it may be much better to get things off your chest and then forget all about them.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 438

Financial Outlook: Fair

Compatible Sign: Cancer


Horoscope: You're in a highly dynamic and energetic mood today. The last thing you want to do now is to sit on your hands or waste your time, because you're filled with a strong sense of impatience and urgency. It's a wonderful day for standing your ground in a disagreement with someone in authority, or for taking charge of a situation and showing your leadership qualities.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 142

Financial Outlook: Good

Compatible Sign: Virgo


Horoscope: You're raring to go and you'll feel really frustrated if you can't do something interesting or unusual at some point. You're starting to get itchy feet, too, so ideally you should make plans for a forthcoming journey or holiday. Even if you can't go away at the moment you'll enjoy dreaming about where you'd go if you could.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 994

Financial Outlook: Very Good

Compatible Sign: Leo


Horoscope: You're raring to get things sorted out financially and you'll feel very frustrated if others fail to match your rapid pace. For instance, you'll soon get rattled if you ring up your bank or mortgage company and get stuck in one of those endless phone cues. You'll also lose your rag if someone is supposed to know what's going on but obviously doesn't have a clue. You'll be determined to shake things up!

Fortunate Astrological Number: 837

Financial Outlook: Very Good

Compatible Sign: Aries


Horoscope: You'll need every ounce of patience when dealing with a certain person today, but can you rise to the challenge? Maybe they're being too slow and painstaking, which is driving you nuts, or perhaps they're trying to provoke you into losing your temper. Get things off your chest if needs be but try not to let rip and cause havoc simply because you need to let off steam.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 083

Financial Outlook: Fair

Compatible Sign: Capricorn


Horoscope: If you couldn't control your feelings yesterday and you snapped, spend today making amends. Have a chat to the person concerned and explain how you were feeling, or buy them a small gift to show how sorry you are. This is a good day for sorting out other sorts of difficult situations too, such as patching up a misunderstanding with a loved one or neighbor.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 372

Financial Outlook: Fair

Compatible Sign: Gemini


Horoscope: A loved one is in a tearing hurry, so they'll chivvy you along at every opportunity. You could soon lose your patience about this because it's very annoying to have this person breathing down your neck. Or maybe you're the one who's looking at their watch and getting agitated? If so, what's the big hurry and is it worth getting your knickers in a twist?

Fortunate Astrological Number: 325

Financial Outlook: Good

Compatible Sign: Aries


Horoscope: It's time to get started on some of those domestic projects. Begin with whatever is most urgent because you're feeling impatient. Even if that isn't possible, at least do something, or you'll start to feel rattled and frustrated. And once that happens you'll get quite irritable with other people, which won't go down well.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 374

Financial Outlook: Weak

Compatible Sign: Pisces


Horoscope: It's another potentially combustible day because you're feeling impatient and irritable. Everyone is moving too slowly and deliberately for your liking, or perhaps you're simply in a tearing hurry. It's easy to lose your rag over the smallest little thing, but try not to get heated over trivial matters that wouldn't normally bother you. If you do start to get really irritable and can feel yourself getting out of control, channel all that nervous energy into constructive physical activities.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 357

Financial Outlook: Strong

Compatible Sign: Pisces


Horoscope: This is a good day for thinking about your plans for the future and deciding whether they're still on track. Are things going well, or do you need to rethink some of your ideas? A few tweaks now will save you lots of time and effort further down the line, especially if the alternative is to continue with a scheme that's already looking iffy and which might easily end up going nowhere.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 460

Financial Outlook: Very Good

Compatible Sign: Aries


Horoscope: Even though it's Monday, you're a real live wire and are raring to go. Get moving on personal projects and other things that mean a lot to you, though you'll feel annoyed if it seems that someone is standing in your way or dragging their heels. You could even get rather irritable with people who can't operate at your fast pace.

Fortunate Astrological Number: 332

Financial Outlook: Very Good

Compatible Sign: Aquarius