With the weather being so sunny and hot recently, it can be hard to believe that our region has seen above-average rainfall for much of the year. Overall, 2018 has been a very wet year so far for western Pennsylvania.

According to the National Weather Service, Indiana’s average rainfall for this time of the year is 22.95 inches. The measurements for 2018, taken at a wastewater treatment plant three miles south of Indiana, show that Indiana has had 32.68 inches for the year through the end of June. July’s data has yet to be collected.

long pools along Wayne Avenue near the KCAC

A band of heavy thunderstorms rolled thru Indiana County and the resulting runoff created some long pools along Wayne Avenue near the KCAC. (Gazette file photo)

Walking The Dog - 5382

Stuart Chandler, of Indiana, and Ray, his 12-year-old dog, were out and about in spite of a steady rain that hung over the area. (Gazette file photo)