Starting Monday, all students in the Marion Center School District will be heading back to the classrooms in person four days a week.

“Currently our (kindergarten) to sixth students are back,” Superintendent Clint Weimer said. “We’d like to bring our seventh through 12th students back starting March first on our four-day model.”

Weimer said the numbers in Indiana County are at a moderate level and numbers in the school district have also remained low.

“At this point, me and my administrative staff are comfortable making that recommendation,” he said. “We do not need to change anything or take a board vote because our continuity of education plan offers that flexibility.”

The plan will bring students back for four days, allowing Friday of each week to be a remote learning day for the district. The remote learning day also gives teachers much-needed prep time since their usual allotted time for prep has been affected by the fact that covering classes throughout the buildings takes up the whole day for teachers.

Weimer said details regarding the change in attendance will be clarified on the district’s website soon and that the district will continue to monitor virus levels in the county and district.

Another item regarding scheduling involves the use of flexible time and virtual days.

“Fridays are virtual days and next month, we will need to resubmit that schedule to the state,” Weimer said. “If we so choose, moving forward, if we have any more snow days, to utilize a virtual day, we will need to let the state know.

“If not, we’ll have to tack those days on at the end of the year. We’re officially out of snow days, and March can get ugly. So I wanted to make the board aware if we should use these days or extend our calendar.”

Discussion continued and it was eventually voted on and approved to revise the 2020-21 calendar, changing April 1 and 6 and May 10 from emergency weather days to regular school days to compensate for recent closings.