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Flowers are a family business for Chris and Julie Silvis, shown here with their nieces Avery Thoma, 4, and Aubree Thoma, who turns 2 in July, and the family dog Skip. Julie Silvis took in $1,500 worth of flowers to The Flower Boutique/Indiana Floral on Monday but still had about $1,000 worth of flowers on Friday, which were donated to nursing homes and neighbors rather than allowed to go to waste.

What do you do if you have to dispose of $1,000 worth of flowers before you’re mandated to shut down by Gov. Tom Wolf?

Julie Silvis did what she often does when there are extra flowers at her Indiana Floral & Flower Boutique, 1680 Warren Road, White Township.

Because “everyone needs a smile right now,” Silvis said, she gave them away, to nursing homes and to neighbors.

“I get a standard shipment that comes in every Monday, to get me through the week,” Silvis said. “I cut back on the extra things I buy, but I didn’t know this was going to happen.”

“This” was the state’s decision to order the closing of “non-life-sustaining” businesses, initially by midnight Saturday morning, but now on Monday at 8 a.m. And florists are not considered “life sustaining.”

“We were already planning on closing and I had canceled my order for Monday,” she said.

But there still were quite a few flowers on hand, out of what was a wholesale order costing $1,500, in addition to what might go to funeral homes this past week.

“Everybody took bouquets of flowers home,” she said.

Others went, first to the Indiana Square nursing home across Warren Road, then to Rose Haven, Indian Haven, Beacon Ridge, Bethany Place and Lynn Haven near the Silvis home in the Black Lick area.

Those giveaways weren’t unusual.

“I do this quite often, but not to this effect,” Silvis said. “When we have older stuff. I’ll drop stuff off at the nursing home. They just got a lot more than usual.”

Oddly enough, one home overlooked was St. Andrew’s Village, “and I could have gotten rid of a bunch of them there,” she said.

It’s been a rough year in another respect, as the Silvis family had to treat an ailing mascot, their dog Skip, who got sick in January.

“Skip is a big part of the flower shop,” she said. Happily, the dog is doing better.

All in all, it’s been quite a year so far for Silvis, who has been in business for seven years, purchasing Flower Boutique in 2012, then Indiana Floral in 2014, then merging the two in 2016 at the present location along Warren Road.

What’s next? It depends on “whenever the governor lifts this,” Silvis said. “I just talked to my wholesaler today. They can get some product, but a lot of the product has been shut off.”

Flowers aren’t coming from Holland for now, nor Canada after that border is shut off, so Silvis is looking to bring in product from South America. In any case, she hopes the governor’s advisory is over soon.

“I would hope it is two weeks,” Silvis said.