Riley Grillo, 11, a student at Homer-Center Elementary, recently asked her grandmother, Brenda Warr, to teach her how to sew.

She started out with masks during the COVID-19 shutdown and then moved to pillows before deciding she wanted a bigger project.

She takes quilting sewing lessons with Warr at the Quilt Peddler in Johnstown.

“She asked if I could learn how to sew quilts,” Warr said.

Riley saved her own funds to buy a quilt to make.

“We agreed she needed to make a small one to get the understanding of making a quilt,” Warr said.

The practice quilt became a special gift for Mary Colench, of Blairsville, after reading about her celebrating her 108th birthday on March 3.

“We decided it would be a wonderful gift to give Mary on such a great occasion,” Warr said.

The family agreed to let Warr and Riley bring her the quilt and meet her.

Warr learned to sew from her aunt Joanne Shaffor when she was 11 and was happy to help Riley learn.

“Since meeting Mary and seeing the joy her blanket brought to her, Riley wants to attend a sewing retreat and eventually do a hand-sewn quilt with me. I am praying she continues this interest as when she is older it may be hard to find a seamstress,” Warr said.