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Bob Lankard, a retired employment specialist at the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry's Indiana Job Center, is a job-search columnist for the Indiana Gazette. Read his columns on Sundays.

Articles by BOB LANKARD

BOB LANKARD: Looking for team players BOB LANKARD: Looking for team players
43 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
Many job listings specify that the job applicant be a team player because the team approach gets more done than the same number working as individuals. [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: Job hunting, on the job BOB LANKARD: Job hunting, on the job
45 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
Do you fit in any of these categories? [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: Avoid networking turnoffs
47 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
Networking is one of the best ways to find a job, but it can be tricky. [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: Going the extra mile
49 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
“He does everything I tell him, but nothing more,” an employer once told me. [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: Making your first impression BOB LANKARD: Making your first impression
51 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression,” they say. [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: Paying your dues
53 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
Financial columnist Bruce Williams called a radio station several times a day about a job — he thinks he made 3,000 phone calls. [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: Referrals are more effective
55 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
The Internet has certainly made finding job openings much easier. There are myriad job search engines where the job seeker need only click “apply” and your resume is on its way. [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: First find new job, then quit
62 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
A recent headline told of two assistant college football coaches who resigned to “pursue other interests.” During my 37 years as an employment counselor many workers came to me describing their work circumstances and asking, “Don’t you think I should just quit?” [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: Out-of-town interviews
69 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
Dislocated workers who were affected by the Great Recession have discovered a very new world of work. They may have to look for jobs out of the area. This means out-of-town interviews. [Read More]
BOB LANKARD: Building a solid network BOB LANKARD: Building a solid network
73 weeks ago - - BOB LANKARD
Networking can provide more than just information on available jobs. It is much broader than that. For example: [Read More]
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