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Carl Kologie is a columnist for The Indiana Gazette.

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CARL KOLOGIE: A hockey night in the 'burgh CARL KOLOGIE: A hockey night in the 'burgh
64 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
With an elevated dais stretching almost the entire length of the northern end of the arena floor and the large screen above them that projected videos throughout the proceedings, the KCAC provided a perfect setting for the Indiana County Chamber of Commerce annual meeting on Friday. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Piano move takes 8 CARL KOLOGIE: Piano move takes 8
68 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
Remember the old joke about how many people does it take to replace a burned-out ceiling light bulb? [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Kois on the move CARL KOLOGIE: Kois on the move
69 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
Richie Kois is on the move again. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Rubber ducky deflated CARL KOLOGIE: Rubber ducky deflated
70 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
One of the highlights — at least for me — of the Penns Manor-Homer Center football game Friday evening was the hot chocolate at halftime. It helped to fight off the cold. [Read More]
Odds and ends from IUP Odds and ends from IUP
71 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
Among all the complaints concerning the rowdy homecoming weekend at IUP earlier this month, the most incredulous was the fact that the revelers would not step aside to let an emergency vehicle pass. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: A busy week in Indiana
74 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
What a great tribute to the James Nance family. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Quick trip south
75 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
It was a whirlwind 10-day trip to Florida recently, where my brother Frank and I had several matters that had to be addressed. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Coach was a winner
77 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
Stunned, shocked. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: Pierogis, football at PM
78 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
Footballs flying through the air, a roar from the crowd and, of course, my favorite — the aroma of pierogi, haluski, halupki and hot sausage drawing me closer and closer to the refreshment stand. [Read More]
CARL KOLOGIE: County begins counting
79 weeks ago - - CARL KOLOGIE
Tom Zaucha has had a lot of titles since 1969, when he first came to the Indiana area. [Read More]
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