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Chauncey Ross is the Gazette’s fixture at Indiana Area and Homer-Center school board meetings, has been seen with pen and notepad in area police stations and courts, and is something of an Open Records Act and Sunshine Law advocate. He also manages the Gazette’s websites and answers your questions about them.


Hunter's death ruled accident
12 weeks ago - - CHAUNCEY ROSS
The Pennsylvania Game Commission continues to investigate the accidental shooting death of a hunter late Wednesday afternoon in White Township. [Read More]
Martin opens ARD process Martin opens ARD process
12 weeks ago - - CHAUNCEY ROSS
The Indiana County court system is changing the way defendants are admitted to accelerated rehabilitative disposition, also known as ARD, a fast-track program geared to first-time offenders accused of nonviolent crimes. [Read More]
Man gets prison term for murder solicitation Man gets prison term for murder solicitation
12 weeks ago - - CHAUNCEY ROSS
A White Township man was ordered Monday to serve 1ᄑ to three years in prison for attempting to arrange for someone to kill his wife. [Read More]
CENTER TOWNSHIP: Budget calls for no tax increase
12 weeks ago - - CHAUNCEY ROSS
GRACETON — The Center Township board of supervisors have drafted a no-tax-increase budget for 2015. [Read More]
Challenger Learning Center boosted by $2 million grant
12 weeks ago - - CHAUNCEY ROSS
There’s a new Challenger Learning Center for Space Science Education in San Antonio. [Read More]
Foundation president lauds area's drive to succeed Foundation president lauds area's drive to succeed
12 weeks ago - - CHAUNCEY ROSS
If there’s anything this region has going for it, it’s the inherent fortitude to get things done. Call it drive and determination, get-up-and-go, or simply the collective will of its people. [Read More]
Martin pledges review of ARD Martin pledges review of ARD
13 weeks ago - - CHAUNCEY ROSS
Administering justice for Blairsville resident Jennifer Rega as a citizen was done in the same way as is it’s done for all defendants facing charges in Indiana County, court officials said. [Read More]
HOMER-CENTER: Heat problem puzzles district HOMER-CENTER: Heat problem puzzles district
13 weeks ago - - CHAUNCEY ROSS
CENTER TOWNSHIP — A problem with the heating system at Homer-Center Elementary School remains a puzzle to district administrators, but it so far hasn’t slipped beyond the control of the maintenance team, the Homer-Center school board was told Thursday. [Read More]
INDIANA BOROUGH: Curbside collection of plastics could start early next year
13 weeks ago - - CHAUNCEY ROSS
Curbside collection of recyclable No. 1 and No. 2 plastics could begin in Indiana Borough as early as February or March, according to councilman John Hartman. [Read More]
INDIANA BOROUGH: Budget calls for tax increase INDIANA BOROUGH: Budget calls for tax increase
13 weeks ago - - CHAUNCEY ROSS
Indiana Borough council has enacted a budget for 2015 with no changes, although with some debate, of the tentative plan approved for public review in early November. [Read More]
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