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David Brooks writes a regular column for The New York Times.

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Commentary: When adulthood happens Commentary: When adulthood happens
11 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
Every society has its rites of passage, marking the transition from youth to adulthood. Most of these rites of passage are ritualized and structured, with adult supervision and celebration. [Read More]
Commentary: The separation strategy on Iraq Commentary: The separation strategy on Iraq
12 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
In 2006, Joe Biden, Les Gelb and many others proposed plans to decentralize power in Iraq. Biden, then a U.S. senator from Delaware, Gelb and others recognized that Iraqi society was fracturing into sectarian blocs. [Read More]
Commentary: A small, happy life Commentary: A small, happy life
13 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
A few weeks ago, I asked readers to send in essays describing their purpose in life and how they found it. A few thousand submitted contributions, and many essays are online. [Read More]
Commentary: Learning from mistakes Commentary: Learning from mistakes
14 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
If you could go back to 1889 and strangle Adolf Hitler in his crib, would you do it? At one level, the answer is obvious. Of course, you should. [Read More]
Commentary: The center-right moment Commentary: The center-right moment
15 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
The most surprising event of this political era is what hasn’t happened. The world has not turned left. [Read More]
Commentary: Mothers and presidents Commentary: Mothers and presidents
16 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
Americans are embarrassed. Over the last 35 years there have only been two elections without a Bush or Clinton on the national ticket. Next year both names could rest atop the ballot. In one poll voters saw this as a bad thing by a ratio of 8 to 1. [Read More]
Commentary: The nature of poverty Commentary: The nature of poverty
17 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
Lately it seems as though every few months there’s another urban riot and the nation turns its attention to urban poverty. And in the midst of every storm, there are people crying out that we should finally get serious about this issue. [Read More]
Commentary: Love and merit Commentary: Love and merit
18 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
There are two great defining features of child-rearing today. First, children are now praised to an unprecedented degree. The second defining feature is that children are honed to an unprecedented degree. [Read More]
Commentary: When cultures shift Commentary: When cultures shift
19 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
In January 1969, two quarterbacks played against each other in Super Bowl III. Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath were both superstars. They were both from western Pennsylvania, but they came from different cultural universes. Unitas was reticent, workmanlike and deliberately unglamorous. [Read More]
Commentary: The revolution lives! Commentary: The revolution lives!
20 weeks ago - - DAVID BROOKS
Beyond all the talk of centrifuges and enrichment capacities, President Barack Obama’s deal with Iran is really a giant gamble on the nature of the Iranian regime. [Read More]
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