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Jeffrey Tobin, an international speaker and business coach. He is also the owner of Henry Hall Office Products in Indiana and hosts the website His professional advocacy columns appear Sundays in the Business section of The Indiana Gazette and the Community News page on The Indiana Gazette Online.

Articles by JEFF TOBIN

JEFFREY TOBIN: Use mind control wisely JEFFREY TOBIN: Use mind control wisely
24 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
Did you ever think that you might actually have the power of mind control? You do! [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: May I have your intention, please? JEFFREY TOBIN: May I have your intention, please?
28 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
There are a lot of bad ideas out there. You know, ideas that are just unfortunate, yet fairly common myths. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Getting stage fright JEFFREY TOBIN: Getting stage fright
32 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
Circumstances recently enabled me to enjoy dinner with famed actress and comedienne Carol Burnett. A focal point of our conversation was her idol and close friend, actor Jimmy Stewart. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Believe it -- or not JEFFREY TOBIN: Believe it -- or not
40 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
Rational atheists pride themselves on rational thought; there is no scientific proof of God’s existence. But when it comes to studying the effects of believing in God, they’ve got some real thinking to do. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: The impending tsunami
44 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
No doubt you’ve seen videos of the horrific devastation created by a tsunami. Like a great and menacing hand rising from the ocean, a tsunami smashes everything within its reach and rakes it back out to sea. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Just get naked
48 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
Years ago, I was the bass guitarist in a group of talented musicians. We played concerts, dances, weddings … you get the idea. One evening I was running a bit late on my way to a performance. I had a complete change of clothes with me, and only a few minutes until the curtain went up. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Climbing Mount Knucklehead
52 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
I am in a state of amazement. In doing research about employee engagement, I am now more convinced than ever that engagement has stagnated among employ­ees in this country because of one thing: knuckleheadedness. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Make the right decision
54 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
A cousin of mine recently stopped by my office. It was a surprise and a welcome visit from someone I don’t see very often. But it was something she said — almost an aside — that changed my thinking. about thinking. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Building a phantom regiment
58 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
I’ve worked in broadcasting in some form since I was in my teens, and I learned early on that one must always expect the unexpected. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Ready, aim, fire
60 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
I remember the first time I had to fire someone. I was a young manager, and firing an employee was a fearsome event. Still, I recall having a surprising sense of satisfaction after having done the ugly deed. But it wasn’t because I enjoyed actually firing someone. [Read More]
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