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Jeffrey Tobin, an international speaker and business coach. He is also the owner of Henry Hall Office Products in Indiana and hosts the website His professional advocacy columns appear Sundays in the Business section of The Indiana Gazette and the Community News page on The Indiana Gazette Online.

Articles by JEFF TOBIN

JEFFREY TOBIN: Me, the third person
64 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
How good are you at taking your own advice? [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Time to stop starting
66 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
However you start your day, stop it. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Who cares what you want?
68 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
Who cares about what you want? I mean, really. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Care less decisions
72 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
I like decision-making, especially for my businesses. I enjoy the thinking processes of research and discussion, of pitting pros against cons. There’s something about the risk that is compelling to me as well. [Read More]
JEFF TOBIN: Life's a stage
74 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
You walk onto the stage in front of hundreds of your colleagues, family and friends. The spotlight blinds you. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Planning for failure
76 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
Vision, mission, values, strategy, goals, action plans, objectives, tasks. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Regret me nots
80 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
I’ve had a number of conversations recently with people who have regrets about decisions they’ve made. Some of them have lost their jobs, businesses, even their sense of self-worth over their decisions. This makes me quite sad. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Living for last minute
84 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
To My Dear Productive Friends: [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: I have a dream ... about you
86 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
At this, the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, I’m not interested in what he had to say. [Read More]
JEFFREY TOBIN: Ready, set, stop!
92 weeks ago - - JEFF TOBIN
If you’re interested in self-improvement, I have good news for you. You’ve got plenty to work on. So if you have interest in self-improvement, you’ll probably find the topic to be a bottomless pit of improvements you can work on for the rest of your life. [Read More]
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