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Julie E. Martin is a staff writer for the Indiana Gazette. Among her assignments are coverage of the Apollo-Ridge School and Penns Manor Area school districts and also White Township.

Articles by JULIE MARTIN

A Sobering Story: Impact of addiction ripples through families
161 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC, JULIE MARTIN
Addiction is a disease, but the person suffering from it isn’t the only one who feels its effects, according to Robert J. Ackerman, a former Indiana University of Pennsylvania professor and a nationally recognized addiction specialist. [Read More]
A Sobering Story: Mental illness, addiction often go hand in hand
161 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC, JULIE MARTIN
Just as the body can suffer from more than one illness at a time, so, too, can the brain. [Read More]
A SOBERING STORY: Support group integral to one addict's recovery
162 weeks ago - - JULIE MARTIN
For Brian, a support group with a specific focus made the difference between heading down a road of self-destruction and finding a pathway to hope. [Read More]
A SOBERING STORY: Seeking change key to renewal
162 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC, JULIE MARTIN
Recovery from addiction is, in fact, possible. It’s not easy, and it’s not an overnight process, but it is achievable, according to addiction specialists. [Read More]
A Sobering Story: Addicts must confront their demons, experts say
167 weeks ago - - SAM KUSIC, JULIE MARTIN
To understand what alcoholism and drug addiction are, it’s necessary to first understand what they aren’t — a character flaw, a moral weakness, or a personal decision on the part of an inherently bad person. [Read More]
APOLLO-RIDGE: District receives additional grant
174 weeks ago - - JULIE MARTIN
SPRING CHURCH — Apollo-Ridge School District has received another grant that will help offset the costs of school safety efforts. [Read More]
WHITE TOWNSHIP: Supervisors OK plan for sewer line
175 weeks ago - - JULIE MARTIN
White Township officials are moving ahead with plans to connect a sewer line to the Airport Professional Building and surrounding area. [Read More]
Construction progressing on Islamic Center of Indiana Construction progressing on Islamic Center of Indiana
177 weeks ago - - JULIE MARTIN
Based on what those behind the project say, construction of the new and expanded Islamic Center of Indiana in White Township has been a leap of faith. [Read More]
Cold snap keeps area plumbers, auto firms busy Cold snap keeps area plumbers, auto firms busy
179 weeks ago - - ELLEN MATIS, JULIE MARTIN
With the drop in temperatures much like Indiana County saw at the beginning of January, plumbers and other professionals are left with more work than usual. [Read More]
WHITE TOWNSHIP: Supervisors seek to collect unpaid municipal fees
179 weeks ago - - JULIE MARTIN
White Township officials are sending out final notices in an effort to collect on unpaid municipal fees, warning property owners who are behind on municipal service fees that the next step could be legal action. [Read More]
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