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Maureen Dowd writes a column for the New York Times.

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Commentary: Trump struts stuff in his own pageant Commentary: Trump struts stuff in his own pageant
68 weeks ago - - MAUREEN DOWD
Some blondes have all the fun. As Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush get more testy, Donald Trump gets more chesty. And more blond. [Read More]
Commentary: Donald Trump, the diplomat Commentary: Donald Trump, the diplomat
69 weeks ago - - MAUREEN DOWD
Donald Trump gives me his Grumpy Cat look. [Read More]
Commentary: Trump the disrupter Commentary: Trump the disrupter
70 weeks ago - - MAUREEN DOWD
I’ve been hesitant to start writing about Donald Trump. I was worried that if I wrote something that made him mad, he would send out one of his midnight mordant tweets about me, something like “She started as a 3. Now she’s a 1.” [Read More]
Commentary: Hi-ho, Lone Ranger Commentary: Hi-ho, Lone Ranger
73 weeks ago - - MAUREEN DOWD
In the midst of Iran mania, the president got tossed a question about Bill Cosby. Would he revoke the Presidential Medal of Freedom given to a comedian who has been accused of subverting the free will of dozens of women, and counting? [Read More]
Commentary: Trade winds blow ill for Hillary Commentary: Trade winds blow ill for Hillary
77 weeks ago - - MAUREEN DOWD
It’s hard being Elizabeth Warren. Especially when you’re not Elizabeth Warren. [Read More]
Commentary: Flickering greatness Commentary: Flickering greatness
78 weeks ago - - MAUREEN DOWD
On Saturday mornings, I love to watch reruns of the TV Western “The Rifleman.” Each show is a little moral fable, with Chuck Connors’ widowed rancher and crack shot, Lucas McCain, teaching his son, Mark, about actions and consequences. [Read More]
Commentary: Hooray for Hillarywood? Commentary: Hooray for Hillarywood?
80 weeks ago - - MAUREEN DOWD
Is Hollywood really ready to give a 67-year-old woman a leading role in a big-budget production? Hillary Clinton’s campaign has echoes of various classic movies. [Read More]
Commentary: Driving Uber mad Commentary: Driving Uber mad
80 weeks ago - - MAUREEN DOWD
On a reporting expedition to Los Angeles recently, I realized I could stop renting cars. I would never again have to brave the L.A. freeway behind the wheel. I had Uber. [Read More]
Commentary: He is heavy. He's my brother Commentary: He is heavy. He's my brother
82 weeks ago - - MAUREEN DOWD
It isn’t about what we know now. It’s about what we knew then. It is simply not true, as Republican presidential aspirant Scott Walker said on Friday, that “any president would have likely taken the same action Bush did with the information he had.” [Read More]
Commentary: Beware our mind children Commentary: Beware our mind children
85 weeks ago - - MAUREEN DOWD
Are women necessary? Not with Ava around. Even without hair on her head or flesh on her legs, Ava has enough allure and cunning to become a classic film noir robot vixen. [Read More]
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