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Paul Krugman writes a column for the New York Times.

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Commentary: It takes a policy Commentary: It takes a policy
6 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
U.S. politicians love to pose as defenders of family values. Unfortunately, this pose is often, perhaps usually, one of remarkable hypocrisy. [Read More]
Commentary: Tax mysteries and Trump Commentary: Tax mysteries and Trump
7 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
This seemed to be the week for Trump tax mysteries. One mystery is why Donald Trump, unlike every other major party nominee in modern times, is refusing to release his tax returns. [Read More]
Commentary: The making of an ignoramus Commentary: The making of an ignoramus
7 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Truly, Donald Trump knows nothing. He is more ignorant about policy than you can possibly imagine, even when you take into account the fact that he is more ignorant than you can possibly imagine. [Read More]
Commentary: Truth and Trumpism Commentary: Truth and Trumpism
8 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
How will the news media handle the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? I suspect I know the answer — and it’s going to be deeply frustrating. But maybe, just maybe, flagging some common journalistic sins in advance can limit the damage. [Read More]
Commentary: The diabetic economy Commentary: The diabetic economy
8 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
LISBON, Portugal — Things are terrible here in Portugal, but not quite as terrible as they were a couple of years ago. The same thing can be said about the European economy as a whole. That is, I guess, the good news. [Read More]
Commentary: The wrath of the conned Commentary: The wrath of the conned
9 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Maybe we need a new cliche: It ain’t over until Carly Fiorina sings. Anyway, it really is over — definitively on the Democratic side, with high probability on the Republican side. And the results couldn’t be more different. [Read More]
Commentary: The 8 a.m. phone call Commentary: The 8 a.m. phone call
9 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
Back in 2008, one of the ads Hillary Clinton ran during the contest for the Democratic nomination featured an imaginary scene in which the White House phone rings at 3 a.m. with news of a foreign crisis, and asked, “Who do you want answering that phone?” [Read More]
Commentary: In Hamilton's debt Commentary: In Hamilton's debt
10 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
The Treasury Department picked an interesting moment to announce a revision in its plans to change the faces on America’s money. Plans to boot Alexander Hamilton off the $10 bill in favor of a woman have been shelved. [Read More]
Commentary: Robber baron recessions Commentary: Robber baron recessions
10 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
When Verizon workers went on strike last week, they were mainly protesting efforts to outsource work to low-wage, nonunion contractors. [Read More]
Commentary: The pastrami principle Commentary: The pastrami principle
11 weeks ago - - PAUL KRUGMAN
A couple of months ago, Jeb Bush (remember him?) posted a photo of his monogrammed handgun to Twitter, with the caption “America.” Bill de Blasio, New York’s mayor, responded with a picture of an immense pastrami sandwich, also captioned “America.” Advantage de Blasio, if you ask me. [Read More]
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